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TG Fairy Tales: 22. Conall's Bride

Transgendered Fairy Tales

22. How Prince Conall Found His Bride


TG Fairy Tales: 21. Ninetta And The Giant

Transgendered Fairy Tales

21. Ninetta And The Giant


TG Fairy Tales: 20. The Kinglet, part two

Transgendered Fairy Tales

20. The Kinglet, part two


TG Fairy Tales: 19. The Kinglet, part one

Transgendered Fairy Tales

19. The Kinglet, part one



Once upon a time there was a little soldier who came back from the war. He didn't die, or lose his arms or legs, but when the fighting ended, there was nothing else for him to do: he had to return home, to the village where he was born.

The soldier's name was really John, but for some reason his friends always called him the Kinglet. No one knew why, but that's what they called him.

He had no family to welcome him home: no father, mother, or anyone else, so he took his time and didn't hurry. He went quietly along, his knapsack on his back and his sword at his side.

TG Fairy Tales: 18. The Golden Mermaid

Transgendered Fairy Tales

18. The Golden Mermaid


In the garden of a certain king there was a wonderful tree that bore golden apples. Each year the king waited and watched patiently for the beautiful fruit to ripen, but he never got to taste it. No matter how well he watched and guarded, as soon as the apples began to get ripe they were stolen. Exasperated at last, he called for his two eldest sons and told them, "Get yourselves ready for a journey. Take whatever servants, gold, and silver that you need, and find out who is stealing my golden apples. If you can, bring the thief to me so I can punish him as he deserves."

TG Fairy Tales: 17. The Conch of Rama

Transgendered Fairy Tales

17. The Conch Of Rama


TG Fairy Tales: 16. The Potter-Princess

Transgendered Fairy Tales

16. The Potter-Princess


A long time ago in the Punjab there was a king who had two young sons. They were good boys, and spent their time learning all the things that kings' sons ought to know. While they were still learning, the queen their mother died. Shortly after, the king their father married again.

Of course, the new wife was jealous of the two young princes, and began to treat them badly, as stepmothers sometimes do. First, instead of wheatcakes, she gave them cakes made from barley meal. Then, she had the salt left out. Soon, the barley meal was sour and full of weevils and the cakes were nearly inedible. At last, the new queen took to beating the poor young princes. When they resisted this punishment, she told the king that they were disobedient and disrespectful, and he became so angry that he had them beaten all over again!

TG Fairy Tales: 15. Ceilia And The King

Transgendered Fairy Tales

15. Celia And The King


There was a king who was so just and kind that everyone called him "the Good King." One day when he was out hunting, his dogs were chasing a little white rabbit. The rabbit sprang into the king's arms for shelter. The king stroked it gently and said, "Since you've come to me for protection, I will see that no one hurts you."

He took it home, put it in a pretty little house, and gave it the sort of food that rabbits like to eat.

That night when he was alone in his room, a beautiful lady appeared before him. Her long dress was white as snow and she wore a crown of white roses on her head. The king was extremely surprised, since he knew his door was closed and well guarded.

TG Fairy Tales: 14. Celia

Transgendered Fairy Tales

14. Celia


There was once a king whose life was nearly perfect. His subjects loved him. He was envied and feared by his peers. His kingdom was beautiful, prosperous, happy, and well-ordered. His heart was good, his spirit noble, and he truly deserved the universal respect and admiration he enjoyed.

He was very fond of hunting, and one day, while chasing a stag, he left the rest of his party far behind. For a moment he lost sight of his prey. Then he heard its hoofs splash in a pool of water nearby. Without thinking or looking ahead, he spurred his horse over a bush into the same pool, but after a few steps it seemed that the earth split open, jets of flame burst into the air, and he fell, alone, to the bottom of a very deep hole.

TG Fairy Tales: 13. Zelinda And The Monster

Transgendered Fairy Tales

13. Zelinda And The Monster


In a time long ago and a place far away, there lived a merchant who was incredibly lucky and enormously rich. He had three children: two of them were girls and the youngest, Laris, was a boy. They were all accustomed to the good life and to always having whatever they wanted.

One day, it all changed. Their house caught fire and burned to the ground, and with it all the splendid things they owned: books, pictures, clothes, furniture — everything! At first it didn't seem so bad, because the merchant had money in the bank, but soon bad news was followed by worse. All of the merchant's ships were lost at sea, either to pirates or to storms. When he tried to cash in some of his assets in other countries, he discovered that his agents abroad, whom he trusted as himself, had cheated him in every way possible.