Angel O'Hare

The Explorers Club

The Explorers Club

By Angel O’Hare

Kim Amy was in the back yard enjoying the sun, the cool breeze, and his favorite book at the time. He was reading ‘The Amazon Warriors.’ The book held his fascination because it was very descriptive with detailed accounts of the warrior women and their exploits. They were masters of camouflage and guerrilla tactics. Their hair by custom and long tradition kept unshorn and braided tightly. They wore very little clothing, just a woven belt with a cloth drawn between their legs one week of each month as necessary. They painted their bodies in natural colors that made them blend in easily with their surroundings. If one of them stood still, a man could walk right past them without knowing the Amazon was even there.

Christmas Surprise

Spring Hills was in a state of total excitement! The small mountain town full of eclectic little shops and mostly geared towards the tourist trade went all out for the major holidays. Christmas this year would be no exception. Now Spring Hills wouldn’t forget about the religious meaning of this holiday, but that was mostly left for the churches and the individual families. The town itself was going all out for the business end and the commercial pageantry that would draw these tourists into town.