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Gaby: BOOK 2 Summer Girl-Part 5-Prelude To Party

"You okay Drew?" Dad asked

"Yeah sure" I returned my attention to the passing fields.

In truth I was anything but fine. Yesterday was a disaster to put it
mildly. Looking back I think I really did over react to what was, lets
face it just an overdone makeup job. It wasn't even what I was dressed
in and lets face it that should have been enough. No it was the make up
and how it made me look, it seemed I was okay with looking like a girl,
but girl wearing lots of makeup just flipped the switch. Go figure!

I think, no I know I really upset Maddy, she didn't
mean anything by it and I really blew it up, which in turn got Mrs P
annoyed with Mad. Guiltily I glanced at my new helmet lying on the back
seat. That seals it! After Wednesday no more Gaby! Ever!

Kelly's Journey-Chapter 24-Surgery

Kelly's Journey
Chapter 24-Surgery
By Stanman63
Edited By Nora Adrienne with Special Thanks To Terry Naut and JennaFL for Proofing and to Heather Rose Brown for the Illustration!

Synopsis: Kelly discovers that Johnny is there for her surgery that finally turns her into a woman, and is there for her as she recovers from it. Yet he leaves before he can claim her physically which causes her to wonder about their Love because she wanted to consummate their Love.
Then Johnny gets hurt,and Kelly rushes to him, where she learns that she finally can control her passion for him.
Upon awakening, Johnny confesses why he has stayed away since the betrayal, and confesses his love for her.

Gaby: BOOK 2 Summer Girl-Part 4-Manchester United

I spent the night in the spare room wearing one of Mad's nightgowns and awoke to the sound of the shower.

"Come on Gaby, up an at 'em" that was 'Aunt' Carol

"Shower, dress, breakfast, come on"

I tried to get my head round what was happening; here I am in a
nightdress, in my girlfriend's spare room. Ah well! The shower cut off
and a couple of minutes later there was a tap on the door.

"Gab, showers free" Mad advised

"How much was it before?" I replied

Gaby: BOOK 2 Summer Girl-Part 3- Fame!

Tuesday Got up late (again!) Jules reckons I could sleep for England but I think I'm only second string. He he. Met Paul and Clive at papershop and walked to school with them.

Our English teacher, Miss Ross, had got us all writing a diary this week and I have to say that so far mine is very boring! Well the day didn't get any more exciting than that, well not till after school anyway.

I know it's only two weeks since I last raced but it seems like forever. I got myself ready as soon as I got home, grabbed a sandwich and went to polish my bike before going out. I settled down to doing a thorough job, I had an hour before I needed to leave and after seeing the gleaming team bikes in Germany I was determined to use that bit of psychology. I was surprised; in fact I jumped when the doorbell went.

"Hi Mad" guess who?

"Hi Drew, you ready?" Mad asked

Gaby: BOOK 2 Summer Girl*Part 2*In The Summertime

"Get up Drew!"

I prised my eyes open when I heard Dads voice, ugh Monday morning, school!

"Coming" I drawled to put him off.

I dragged myself up, did my ablutions and descended to the kitchen for a hurried breakfast.

"Get a move on Drew, do you want a lift?"


"Come on then, I'm running late this morning too"

I wasn't awake enough to come back with a witty rejoinder, I guess Saturdays journey has caught up!

Gaby: BOOK 2 Summer Girl- Part 1-A Gaby Summer

I awoke to the sounds of a summer Sunday morning. I couldn't place where I was immediately but then I realised that I was in my room at Bond acres. Seven thirty - time for a training ride before meeting the guys. I dressed quickly and managed to leave the house without waking Jules and Dad, I think.

I decided to head out to Retford, I needed to loosen up after yesterdays train journey. I was riding on sort of autopilot and going over last week's holiday with mum. This 'training' ride was a bit different to last week with Mum and Maria and the rest of the team! That day was awesome! Then there was Thursday with Kat and Freddii at the pool, that was just so much fun.

Gaby: BOOK 2 Summer Girl

BOOK 2 Summer Girl
on from 'The Anime Days', Summer Girl follows the adventures of Drew
Bond, schoolboy,sportsman and reluctant girl! It doesn't seem to matter
what he does, his alter ego is lurking just around the corner, so it's
no surprise to find that it's Gaby who has the adventures and not Drew.

But the summer hols will be differen

Gaby: The Anime Days- Part 40-Back Home

Even Jules was late getting up on Monday morning!

We met dad in the breakfast room at quarter to nine, I had managed to
dress more like a boy today, well at least the clothes were mine!

"Come on you two, your mum will be here soon"

"How's she getting here? " Jules asked

"She's got the car remember" I offered

"Oh yeah" she allowed

"We'd better get something to eat then" I nudged Jules

Enterprise -14- Re-Gifted


By Ariel Montine

Chapter Fourteen ~ Re-Gifted

What will become of Andrina, Arista and Atina with their cocoons engulfed in fire?

Gaby: The Anime Days-Part 39-Jenny's Day

I was woken next morning by the sound of Jules showering
and suddenly my world popped back into focus. The shower cut off and
shortly my sister emerged wrapped in a towel and humming an Eminem

"Oh you're awake then"

"What's the time" I yawned

"Seven thirty, mum'll be back in an hour to pick us up"

"Where's she gone?"

"Back to her flat to pick up her kit. You better get a shower, we have to get breakfast before mum gets back"