Language or Cultural Change

Always and Forever: Across Space and Time

Across Space and Time

A spirit torn asunder can a sacrifice cause it to merge

 Always and Forever 


By Elsbeth

Alan sat at the back of the room pencil in hand lost in the world of his own creation. School as for so many seemed to be just one more day of insanity. Institutionalized babysitting turning everyone into good corporate drones a place filled with life sucking destroyers of dreams. Be normal or else. His pencil snapped under the pressure of his anger.

Looking around Alan wiped a tear from his face. Could the day get any worse?

“You look like crap.”

Altered Fates- Shocking Part 2

“What does a man have to do to get some respect around here? Clean the toilets?” Murray asked in a sarcastic tone of voice.

“No, just give your wife a foot massage.” Misook joked back at her husband.

Rachel then added. “Naomi and I would like a pony too.”

Altered Fates- Shocking Part Two

By Danielle J

Synopsis- Clyde Heppner while not totally believing Misook Epstein’s story, agrees to take her on as a client.

I need to thank Puddin in a big way for her help with this story.

Altered Fates- Shocking

Altered Fates- Shocking

By Danielle J

Synopsis-  Ernest Jackson was doubled crossed and turned into a woman. Seven years later she has located the person who changed her. Does she want revenge or the a possiblility of regaining the Medallion of Zulo?   

Altered Fates- Shocking Part 1

Altered Fates- Shocking Part One

By Danielle J

Synopsis- Clyde Heppner is a private investigator working and living in Southern California. One day a woman pays him a visit at his trailer home and asks for his assistance in locating a person she once knew.

This story is dedicated to John in Wauwatosa. He has been very kind to help me with a few of my stories. I want to also thank Puddin for her help in preparing this story for publication.

Author’s note- The idea for this story came from an old episode of The Rockford Files.

Hawking's Revenge

Hawking's Revenge
by Fyre Mei

- A Stand alone sci-fi short story for ADULTS only.

A note from the author:
Thought I would try my hand at writing, this one is just for fun.

Following is a short stand-alone story  based on a  real-life experience I had a while back. Minus the magic, and the TG, and the characters are all different, and ... well OK I made it all up. Anyhow, I hope you like it, I may write more... who knows?

This is a slightly updated version of what has been posted at big closest. There will be no sequel from me, although anyone is welcome to take over the plot and characters if they wish.

Universe Subject To Change Without Notice 1


Disclaimer: The following story is a fan fiction -- it is just for fun... Any characters you recognize belong to their respective creators. Any characters you do not recognize are figments of my own warped imagination, and bear no resemblance to any person, living or dead. If the story matches the timeline, characters, or continuity in any way, blame it on dumb luck; this is only a fan fiction. For the real thing and far better writing (and editing) go to the original authors:

I am doing this mainly for the fun of it, but any constructive criticism and advice is welcome (and I am fairly thick skinned). This is a creative exercise and a token of appreciation of the various story universes. Any violations of copyright, trademark or use of real people or incidents are only for purposes of humor or parody and solely for the free enjoyment of the reader. If you are paying to view this you have been robbed.

God's Will

Preamble: There are many Gods in our universe, and many Goddesses as well. Some sprout from our imagination, others are born to it, others still rise to the occasion when called. This is the story of a God whom everybody thought was slain after a fishing expedition hooked a snake the size of the world, and how he decided to return to our planet… just in time for high school.

This story is dedicated to every person that woke up one morning and wished they could be more than average, and especially to my fans

Many Thanks to Bek D. Corbin, Starwolf, and E.E. Nalley for their assistance with my fan-fiction. Their characters are used with permission (I’m still waiting for Maggie Finson to reply, but I’d like to thank her too). Also, many of the references to Norse Mythology are historically accurate (to the best of my limited research). Any inaccuracies are either product of the authors imagination, or product of the authors mistakes in historical/mythological research, be they intentional or not.

Lost Parents

Lost Parents, Will the lost parents of a six year old child named
Renée VanPuten please come to the security office at the main gate.

The message was repeated every ten minuets for the next hour, if it
had been in Dutch or German, or if they had only pronounced the name
correctly (the vowels sound different), perhaps there would have been a
chance. But no, after that hour it was off to The Virginia Department
of Social Services.

I can look back on it now, I grew up quite a bit in the last four
years. Before I forget much more, I will write here my life, before,
then, now, and to come.

Arnold’s Bar and Girll (unfinished , but edited!)

Arnold’s Bar and Girll (unfinished)
By Straycat
Edited by Holly Logan

Disclaimer: Certain persona's described herein may sound incredibly familiar, and in certain cases that was done on purpose ... mainly because of lack of imagination on my part. I apologize ahead of time if any person is offended by what might seem to by a reflection of themselves. I'll get around to finishing this Later.

Bobby Hester needed a beer. It’d been a great day at work, and another deal was done and under his belt. Yes, this was a good day for Bobby. He felt so good he had decided to walk to his apartment from the office, but he was beginning to think he’d made a wrong turn as the streets didn’t look the same as from the back of his usual cab.