Dental Assistance


Dental Assistance

By Wholeman


DECLARATION: This story is an original literary work.  I wrote a fantasy to stretch my creative muscles and mess with dentists a little.  All doctors, scientists, magical entities, victims, antagonists, and Wizards in this work are fictional.  Any resemblance to anyone living, dead, or born in the future, is purely coincidental, or possibly intentional, but I promise no one will know the difference.

A Flat Iron

My story begins on spring day just after my 30th birthday. I learned when I was still a teenager that I was transvestite and had long since come to except it. I also new that I never intended to leave home cross-dressed. I was way too much of a coward to go out in public, not that I couldn't pass for a woman. I had always watched my weight and kept my hair long. I couldn't get into wigs, I wanted to be more real, My legs were ok and I kept my body hair shaved. I even used moisturizer on my face and body lotion to look a little softer. I thinned my brows a little and used a little peroxide to lighten them so I could redo them with a eyebrow pencil. Nothing to give me away though, no one knew about my girlie secret.

Maiden by Decree Chapter 19

Maiden by Decree
Chapter Nineteen
 By Maggie Finson
A Kidnapping Gone Bad

or, I’m Still Making This Up as I Go!


Lookouts shouted and Garret, atop a small hill, shaded his eyes while looking towards the pass with the comment. “I count all the drivers and herders coming out.”

Some Enchanted Girlfriend -Part 3- Over!


Some Enchanted Girlfriend

by Donna Lamb


Part 3 - Over


“Hell’s Little Wieners in Habañero Sauce, is he still here?” asked Muffins coming back from a quick tour of my apartment. “You’ve got to get rid of your hairy sex ape or we’ll never be able to figure out what’s going on!”

Maiden by Decree Chapter 15

Maiden by Decree

Chapter 15


Or: So This is Where You Grew Up…


Maggie Finson

“What were you thinking?” Garret asked almost plaintively once he had gotten Deirdre back to her cabin and in relative private. “Risking yourself in a shipboard battle? You could have been captured, or worse, killed!”

“It seemed like the thing to do at the time?” She answered with a shrug. “I couldn’t just stand there and scream you know. I don’t do the helpless maiden thing all that well.”

Maiden by Decree Chapter 13 & 14

Maiden by Decree

Chapter 13



Oh, no Frigging Way! I’m not going to Do It!

Oh, well, I suppose that pretty well tells you all what the character reactions to living through this chapter were. They’re currently on strike and close to being in open revolt here. Sigh.

Come to think of it, with all the problems our heroines, heroes, and villains are coping with I can’t really blame them.

Now Deirdre, put the mace down, it’s okay.

Garret, do something with her!

Maiden by Decree Chapter 12

Maiden by Decree Chapter 12

Assassins Lurk

Or: Pardon Me. Did You Drop This Poisoned Dagger?


Maggie Finson

Dierdre glared at both Garret and Jessica then realized she was still standing in front of them without clothing. Snatching her robe up and hastily wrapping it around herself, she slowly and deliberately walked across the room to pour herself a large goblet of wine.

“I don’t know whether to trust either one of you just now.” She simply told them then moved to seat herself in a single chair facing them both. “Give me a reason – a real reason, to do that.”

Maiden by Decree Chapter 11

Maiden by Decree

Chapter 11


Or: I Didn’t buy Into This But I Seem to be Stuck with it

“I’m really worried about her.” Garret looked towards the door to Deirdre’s bedchambers – thankfully quiet now, but that was worrisome, too. “She was doing so well for a while, then suddenly went berserk.”

“It isn’t your fault, brother.” Jessica tried to reassure him. “You had no more control over what has been happening than she has. The problem here is that she has finally understood that she is powerless to stop what is happening and that she will never be able to go back to what she was.”

Maiden by Decree Chapter 10

Maiden by Decree


Maggie Finson

Chapter Ten

How Much Longer Do I Put Up With This?

Or: Does Gritting my Teeth Count as a Smile?

Cedric King of Jhalmar chuckled quietly between formal presentations as he observed Deirdre’s dance with Laddin, and her ‘clumsiness’ during that dance.

“What has you amused tonight, dear?” Evaine, his wife and Queen questioned then added. “Since you always have detested these events it must be something noteworthy.”

“Oh, just Garret’s little hellion determinedly stomping at Laddin’s foot.” Cedric answered with a grin. “Every time the young man gets more – umm – familiar than the lady likes, she ‘accidentally' steps on the arch of his foot, then apologizes profusely from the look of things.”