Costumes and Masks

Heroes of Justice

Greg and the guys are your normal group of gaming geeks looking to escape from the pressures of reality for a few hours. The newest Superhero Role-playing game is promising adventures beyond their wildest dreams. What if it is right? Do you want to play the game?

Heroes of Justice
Part I

by Grover

Halloween - Chapter 1

(C) 2006 Nick B - All rights reserved

Chapter I

The thing with Halloween is that it’s unpredictable; predictably so.

Last year for instance, was not what Chris Burton would have expected even if he had been told it would happen beforehand.

A Sylph Protected / A Shootist Avenged

Escaped from Prince Fallan on Darson, Sascha finds himself struggling to understand and survive in the universe into which he has been thrust. It will take all of his skills, both those of a Sylph and those of a Shootist, to overcome the challenges in his path.

A Turnabout Party

A party. I go as a girl and my wife goes as a guy. A new me?

A special thanks to Hope for editing this story.

Belle of the Ball Chapter Twenty Four

Episode 24 in the ongoing saga of the superheroine, Southern Belle. You can read her earlier adventures at Sapphires Place located here. This is the final episode of the Time of Sovereign Saga.

A Perfect Match?

A Perfect Match?
By JulieO

Can a young college grad, a 450-year-old pirate, a pair of magic jewels, multiple transformations, history, old movies, costumed role playing, and a trusted employee's greed mix together to create true romance?

Christmas Surprise

Spring Hills was in a state of total excitement! The small mountain town full of eclectic little shops and mostly geared towards the tourist trade went all out for the major holidays. Christmas this year would be no exception. Now Spring Hills wouldn’t forget about the religious meaning of this holiday, but that was mostly left for the churches and the individual families. The town itself was going all out for the business end and the commercial pageantry that would draw these tourists into town.

Men in Black Dresses

This is the first story of my Men in Black Dresses series. Once again, I had no intention of turning this into a series, but it turned out to be way too much fun.


Norm's head was spinning. "Norm," said Mary, "I know this is a lot for you to take in right now. Believe me, you are among friends. You have a real talent, and we could use it."

"Just who are you people?" Norm asked.

Mary stood up. "We are a branch of the Federal Justice Department. We were originally part of the FBI, but now exist as a separate enforcement agency. Our activities are secret. Essentially, we provide protection and damage control to transgendered government officials and persons who are important to the security of the United States. Our organization has no official name or existance. We are probably the most covert group in the government. And we want you to join us."