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Miss Twin Lakes: My Valentines Dream

Miss Twin Lakes: My Valentines Dream
By Stanman63
Edited By Nora Adrienne

Synopsis: When the Miss Twin Lakes beauty pageant is held to celebrate the return of Miss Twin Lakes from her USO tour, Twin brother and sister are able to realize their dreams, leading to a new life.



Prom Queen

Prom Queen
By Stanman63
Edited By NoraAdriennne

Synopsis: When Mom and Dad found out that I wanted to be a girl, they found out about where the new business Build Your Own Body was sponsoring a beauty contest for all transgendered girls who wanted to be girls called Prom Queen. My parents had me to enter it to get the body that I wanted, little knowing that in doing so, that I would achieve so much more.



Off The Deep End ~ Part 1

My name is Susan Donnelly, and this is the story of what I did during vacation last summer and what was done to me, and it's all true. I mean you can see how I'm different. The doctors couldn't explain how I could disappear for a week and come back turned into a girl but I can, even if it sounds insane to people. "Trauma induced hallucination" is what Dr. Morris called my story...

Like I am so traumatized! This is what I always wanted. But they're going to believe whatever they believe, and not me apparently. It didn't help that Mom and Dad didn't back me up about most of it, but I can understand how they wouldn't want people to think our whole family is nuts. Because with the time-travelling pirates, the space aliens and everything, it was like reality itself had gone...

A Change in Season Brings A Decision

Today marks the end of spring and the beginning of summer and just like the changing of seasons I myself have reached a point where I too must make a change. It won't be an easy choice and I find myself at a park near our home siting on a bench lost in thought. I only have a couple of hours before I am due back home and give my girlfriend the decision I have made. "Having a good day?" I hear a soft friendly voice say. I hadn't really noticed the woman sit down at the other end of the bench. "Ohhh, ok, I guess." with hesitation. "You looked so deep in thought I couldn't help but ask." she replied. I half smiled and told her "Well, It's really a long story but I have to make a big choice and I am torn about it." She looked into my eyes and with compassion said "Hey, maybe I can help, my friends tell me I'm a good listener and I have plenty of time this afternoon."

A Flat Iron

My story begins on spring day just after my 30th birthday. I learned when I was still a teenager that I was transvestite and had long since come to except it. I also new that I never intended to leave home cross-dressed. I was way too much of a coward to go out in public, not that I couldn't pass for a woman. I had always watched my weight and kept my hair long. I couldn't get into wigs, I wanted to be more real, My legs were ok and I kept my body hair shaved. I even used moisturizer on my face and body lotion to look a little softer. I thinned my brows a little and used a little peroxide to lighten them so I could redo them with a eyebrow pencil. Nothing to give me away though, no one knew about my girlie secret.

The Beauty and the Beast.

The Beauty and the Beast

By Angharad

(A Gaby fanfic based on the characters created by Maddy Bell)

“Drew, up ya get, boy,” called Dave Bond from the kitchen as he made the breakfast tea.

“Uh,” groaned Drew remembering they had an early start for the bike race in Newport. “Bloody British Cycling; bloody Newport; bloody velodrome,” he cussed to himself as he hauled himself out of bed. He stared at the clock, it was six in the morning—geez, no wonder he was still tired. Anyway, he got himself washed and dressed and down some fifteen minutes later.


By Ronnie

Jeff sat at his desk fidgeting and constantly looking at the clock, he was having a hard time paying attention to the teacher. It was Friday the last day of school before Spring Break and then ten days off. His parents had told him that they were going to go visit his sister at the University two hundred miles away and that he would be alone for the weekend. He had been looking forward to this day for a long time; he had carefully hidden his obsession for wearing his sister’s clothes for a very long time. This weekend was his opportunity to fully dress up as a girl and spend the whole weekend that way. He could not remember when it was that he first felt the need to wear girl’s clothes but he knew that he liked it.

Lessons Learned


By Catherine Linda Michel

She sat on the edge of her bed, her head in her hands, crying as if she'd lost the best thing she'd ever had, and in so many ways, she had.

Maiden by Decree Chapter 8

Maggie Finson
Chapter 8

Life in the Palace

Or How Am I supposed to Remember all this stuff?!!

“Sheesh!” Deirdre protested. “I had to learn needlepoint, knitting, and fortunately I already knew how to sew. Then there was meeting a bunch of fluttery little ladies who are supposed to be the cream of the nation and remember all their names, what they like, dislike, and just smiling when they insist on sharing all their concerns. But this is just going beyond the call of whatever it is! Dancing lessons?”

“Come now, dear.” Jessica soothed. “It won’t be so bad. You might even decide it can be fun.”

Maiden by Decree Chapter 4

Maiden by Decree


Maggie Finson

Chapter Four

A Potential Sister-in-Law, Others, and a Royal Decree
Or: What was I Thinking of When I agreed to this?!!

He was almost used to being on horseback when they reached the palace gates and were ushered inside by respectful grooms, one of which helped him dismount. The man’s hands on his waist as Deirdre was easily lifted from the saddle and gently set to the ground felt nice, but not as nice as Garret’s. That random thought had him nearly throwing up all over again and he swallowed his rising gorge with a small grimace that he explained to the concerned groom with the comment. “Too much Lady’s Ease.”