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Gaby: BOOK 2* Summer Girl*Part 67*Airport!

"You've what!" Dad bellowed

"Left it at the Peters" I mumbled

Dad shook his head in disbelief.


"Uh huh" Mum's voice came from the bathroom

"You'll never guess what your son has done?"

"What?" she asked arriving at my door, "Drew what are you wearing?"

I sat, head bowed, on my bed wearing Jules babydoll.

"Sorry" I snivelled

"Dave, go and get the coffee on" Mum ordered Dad

Dad shook his head again as he left Mum and I alone.

"Now then Drew, an explanation please?" Mum requested

"It's all your fault!" I accused

"What is all my fault?" Mum kept her cool under my outburst.

Gaby: BOOK 2* Summer Girl*Part 66*One More Jenny !

"You okay Drew?" Mum asked when I arrived in the kitchen

"Bad dream" I told her

"Well get your breakfast, Phil Eaton will be here about ten" she informed me

"The 'Cycling' guy?"

"You met him Monday" she stated

"Er perhaps I ought to play dumb Mum? I was wearing a bra when he saw us"

"Hmm, you're probably right. Are you going to come with us?"

"Where?" I mumbled round my Weetabix.

"Phil wants to go on a ride with me, you've seen the sort of thing they do" she advised

"I was going to see the guys later"

"You could go afterwards, we'll only be out about three hours including the café"

"Where are we going?"

Gaby: BOOK 2* Summer Girl*Part 65*Gran !

The drive across to Gran's was a bit slower than usual, being the summer hol's there was a fair bit of grockle* traffic meandering about the Peak District. We eventually arrived at Gran's house at nearly eleven, full twenty minutes later than expected.

"Hello kids" Gran greeted us

"Hi Gran" Jules and I echoed



Gran and Mum had a longer than usual hug before we all made our way into the house.

Jules in her new outfit
Jules looked quite hot in her new outfit

"You're looking very nice today Juliette" Gran mentioned

Gaby:BOOK 2* Summer Girl*Hermione !

I was still eating breakfast when Mum and Jules left for the day, they were off to Leeds and I'm off to the Peters'! I decided to walk over to Maddy's and I thought I'd box clever, I usually ended up having to 'borrow' underwear for these dressing up sessions, but today I was already wearing 'Gaby' knickers. Well its embarrassing borrowing underwear!

"Hi Drew" Mrs Peters greeted me a short while later.

"Hi Mrs P, I've come for a costume fitting" I pointlessly told her

"That daughter of mine was at it all day yesterday, I can't wait to see what she comes up with" she informed me

"Is that you Drew?" Maddy called from the dining room

"Morning Mad" I greeted her

"I'll leave you two to it then" Mrs P advised


A young boy must dress as a giorl for a school play. When he and his mom take it a step further, his dad sentences him to a summer as a girl.

Gaby:BOOK 2 Summer Girl*Part 63* Tracking

When I got home, the house was in turmoil. Dad was hoovering like crazy and Jules was busy dusting.

"You're back then" Jules stated flatly

"Yeah, what's going on?"

"Mum's back tomorrow?" she told me

"I know"

"The place is a mess so we're cleaning"

Now don't get me wrong here, our house is not exactly a palace, nor is it a pig sty - and Mum is hardly the house-proud type either! In fact since she's been in Germany the place has been tidier than usual, we've had a cleaning rota and apart from a bit of surface mess, magazines and stuff, it's looking pretty good.

"Drew?" Dad stopped the vacuum

"Yes Dad"

"Can you have a go 'round the kitchen"

"I spose" I replied unenthusiastically

New Meaning : Sugar And Spice -16- Confession


New Meaning: Sugar and Spice

Part Sixteen ~ Confession

By Ariel Montine

Will Betty be able to cope when everything catches up to her?

Reality vs Dreams vs Isa: 4 Isa Faints

After arriving home and taking a rest for the night the twins woke up to find something slightly different in their rooms.

On Isa desk and on Clara vanity there was a medallion with their names engraved on it. Each medallion was shaped as a star.

This start surrounded their names and was surrounded by a circle with rose like thorn’s pointing inward.

On a close inspection they found a note placed besides the medallion with their mom handwriting on it saying that they should wear it today.

Isa thought that this might be because of their upcoming trip to Disneyland in Paris, so Isa bought the medallion over the head and let it slip down, closing the eyes expecting the cold sensation of metal but… it never happened.

Reality vs Dreams vs Isa: 3 Isa Distress

Chp3 - Isa Distress
Music pours out in the air, the morning dawn knocks on the window, light starts once again it’s quest to vanquish all shadows, an annoying Tap-Tap and a figure arrives in my field of acknowledgment, I look up, my sister looks down, two smiles acknowledge each other.
“Lather” we, both, get to our morning routines. A computer is booted down, showers are taken, two breakfast are eaten, the mother receives her so welcome kisses and hugs of goodbye.
The twins start their walk towards the school, both are on the same classes, on the same sports, on the same extracurricular activities… both are twins in almost every sense both two… their uniform and their bathroom/locker-room.