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Gaby: Book 2*Summer Girl*Part 56*Sports Day

Gaby: Book 2*Summer Girl*Part 56*Sports Day

Wednesday. Even more tests! Boring.

Not quickly enough for me the final bell eventually rang. Maddy was waiting for me at the gates and we walked back to Castle Peters

"You got everything?" Mad asked

"I think so"

"Well I guess that's why we're doing this" she went on

We decided to try a quick change before tea.

"Okay Drew, I reckon we need to do it in about thirty minutes"

"I thought we had about forty minutes"

"Yeah but we need to get to the sports hall in that time too"

Gaby*Book 2*Summer Girl*Part 55*Testing Times

Gaby*Book 2*Summer Girl*Part 55*Testing Times

Mrs P was right; the SATS started straight after morning assembly, however that meant actually going to assembly first. Given his previous track record I was dreading Mr Wood's sermon of the day.

"...And I know those of you doing SATS this week will be doing their best." his tone said 'or else'.

He went through various notices, sports day, the dance on Saturday and so on.

"Finally our sportsmen and women have been busy this week. The under 16's cricket team had a 43 run win against Creswell, our athletics team came in second in the Dukeries championship. That means that they go to the county finals in Nottingham next weekend." He initiated a round of applause; most of the schools 'sport heads' are on the squad so this went on for a bit.

Gaby:BOOK 2 Summer Girl*Part 54*Racquets

Gaby:BOOK 2 Summer Girl*Part 54*Racquets

After tea I went to get changed and it was only when I took my jeans off that I realised I still had Mad's pants on, and I was still tucked. Ah well.

Dad drove us up to Ranby, it only took twenty minutes, and I was treated to a leg rub from Maddy. I have to admit that my mind was not really on the job as I rode round to the start. I know it's my fault this time but it's a bit disconcerting nevertheless.


I made my starting effort and joined the main carriageway of the A1. The slight dip past the HQ let me get my cadence up and when I passed Maddy and Dad I was much more concentrated. The very slight tail wind allowed me to get most of the way up the next incline before changing down gear and all too soon I was out on the flattish middle section. I could see the rider in front but I hadn't made any impression on the gap between us.

Gaby*BOOK 2*Summer Girl*Part 53*Run for Home

Gaby*BOOK 2*Summer Girl*Part 53*Run for Home

"Well its healed lovely Drew" Sylv informed me, "you sure you want it left out?"

"Yes!" I stated a little harshly

"Okay, okay"

"Sorry Sylv, I'm just a bit touchy today."

We rejoined the others in the living room.

"Come on Drew, your turn" Ally stated passing me the handset. We were playing on the PS2.

I'm afraid our usual jocular evening was a bit soured by my mood. I can't really explain why I feel like I have triple maths next but I do. Okay!

"Tea up!" Sylv called us

Gaby*BOOK 2 Summer Girl*Part 52*Good Thinking

Gaby*BOOK 2 Summer Girl*Part 52*Good Thinking

" you're still gonna play Badminton?" Ally pursued as we walked back to the car.

It had been an early start and this stop at Colsterworth, south of Grantham was only to answer the call of nature. We had about another hour's drive down to Sandy and today's 25 mile time trial based on the A1 trunk road.

"Well Mr Pilling asked if I would"

"But Drew, you said Gaby was history" Mad told me

"I know, but it's just a one off, if I don't you'll have to find something else too you know" I replied

Gaby*BOOK 2*Summer Girl*Part 51*Mess of the Blues

"I don't believe you Drew Bond!" Rhod exclaimed, "after last week as well!"

"Well come on then clever," I retorted, "what would you have done?"

"I guess I might have done it at Stratford, but you could have bought a t shirt there at least, then you wouldn't have had to look like a girl the rest of the day"

Well I guess that was an option I never thought of. I guess he was right, I have, ever since this whole Gaby thing started, made a fuss at the start but managed to miss my opportunities to end things early, repeatedly.

Gaby: BOOK 2 Summer Girl*Part 50* Oxford

 We drove the few miles back up to Oxford and Dad elected to park at the Park & Ride, with the camper it would be easier than trying to park in the centre of the city. We caught one of the regular buses for the short trip into the famous University City and Dad was soon extolling us with tales of his student days here. We left the bus in the main shopping street, it was only five o'clock so a few of the shops were still open and Dad let us have half an hour in one of the bookshops. When we re-emerged onto the street there was the familiar bustle of people trying to get home amidst the chaos that is Saturday evening.

Gaby:The Anime Days-Part 35- Cheer Again

I awoke after a restless night just as confused as
before, on one level the whole idea of Gaby petrifies me. I mean I'm a
boy, why do so many people think I'm a girl even when I haven't been
conned into dressing as one? That alone is scary, but what is more
scary is that when I'm dressed up I sort of quite enjoy it! That is
really starting to spook me out.

On another plane Gaby seems to get involved in some
fun situations, I mean take this party of Pinkies. There is just no way
that me, that's Drew, would be invited but cute little Gaby gets an
invite to spend the night with the girls. It's not as though it's the
first time either, remember my 'makeover'? Sheesh. What's worse is that
I'm even considering going! I really have got to get a grip.

New Meaning : Sugar And Spice -5- Convocation


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New Meaning : Sugar And Spice -4- Consideration


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