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Gaby: The Anime Days-Part 38-Euro Drew

I awoke to the incessant drone of my clock alarm.

"Come on Drew, up and at 'em!" Dad shouted into my room

"Jules you up yet?" I heard him go on

I jumped out of bed and got dressed ready for the
trip. When I got downstairs dad already had the car packed and even
Jules was ready. We ate a quick breakfast and by seven thirty we were
ready to depart. It was early enough that our drive down to Nottingham
was uneventful and it was only a little after eight when we were parked
at the station.

The wait for our train seemed interminable but it was
on time and just before eight thirty we were on our way to London. You
really don't want me to recount the journey in full suffice to say that
we pulled into St Pancras only a couple of minutes late. Dad hustled us
to the taxi rank and we were soon in a black cab to cross the capital
to Waterloo. Our train was due to leave at 11.35 so we enjoyed the ride
past Oxford Street and Trafalgar Square and we were soon at check-in,
Waterloo International.

Gaby:The Anime Days-Part 37-End of Term

Well the barby was great; Mr Lacey actually managed to
produce eatable food without choking us all in the process! Baked
potatoes, sausages, not just your standard ones either we had a
selection including tomato, Lincoln and turkey with ginger, home made
burgers, well it was a veritable feast! We all made pigs of ourselves,
forcing down strawberry Viennetta(r) ice cream to finish off.

Between eating a game of Twister was in
progress and we were having a whale of a time in the evening sunshine.
The evening just disappeared and the light was starting to fade when
Mrs Lacey called.

Gaby:The Anime Days-Part 36-Lincoln

It was still only two thirty and I was still floating on
air after the race. I now knew why my new enemy was so upset, not only
was he beaten by a squirt like me but the prize list was impressive
today too! Besides a small cup, I received fifty pounds in cash and
most valuable, a new frame! Way cool!

Dad agreed to let the girls and I go round the shops for a while whilst he slinked off to the second hand bookshops.

"Five o'clock at the front of the cathedral"

"Yes dad"

Gaby:The Anime Days-Part 35- Cheer Again

I awoke after a restless night just as confused as
before, on one level the whole idea of Gaby petrifies me. I mean I'm a
boy, why do so many people think I'm a girl even when I haven't been
conned into dressing as one? That alone is scary, but what is more
scary is that when I'm dressed up I sort of quite enjoy it! That is
really starting to spook me out.

On another plane Gaby seems to get involved in some
fun situations, I mean take this party of Pinkies. There is just no way
that me, that's Drew, would be invited but cute little Gaby gets an
invite to spend the night with the girls. It's not as though it's the
first time either, remember my 'makeover'? Sheesh. What's worse is that
I'm even considering going! I really have got to get a grip.

Gaby : The Anime Days -Chapter 34-Gaby's Invite

"Brrrrr. Brrrrr. Brrrrr."


"Brrrrr. Brrrrr. Brrrrr."

I grabbed what I now recognised as my phone from the bedstand and clicked it on.


"Oh you are there"


The voice was familiar but I couldn't place it.

Gaby: The Anime Days-Part 33- Ouch!

I was unaware until I stepped into the shower later of my sunburn! Ouch did that hurt!

"Jules have you got any sunburn lotion?"


"Er can you put some on my back please?"

Jules came into my room armed with her cream.

"Lets have a look then"

I turned round so she could see my poor back. I was not prepared for her response a barely contained snort of laughter.

"What's so damn funny?"

Gaby: The Anime Days- Part 32 -Ride The Hills

Friday. Of course the only subject of conversation amongst those involved was exchange students. But there was more to this Friday, well I thought so anyway! It's only two weeks 'till half term and Germany and... well I can't think of anything else right now.

The day passed without any drama and as I have a race Saturday, I agreed to meet up with the others on Sunday for a bit of surfing and emailing.

"Come on Drew, shake a leg!"

"Coming Dad"

I pulled the door shut and got into the camper.

Gaby: The Anime Days-Part 31-Mr. Bond, Drew Bond

Tuesday morning and I was still running on adrenaline after Monday's race. I think I mentioned a while back that Mr Wood made a point of congratulating any pupils competitive success. I guess therefore I shouldn't have been surprised when my previous day's performance was mentioned. I admit it, I squirmed. I mean everyone in the assembly hall had to turn and look at me didn't they?

After that, the day and indeed the week, settled back to 'normal', whatever that is? At the ten that evening things started to get real complicated, to them I was Dee Bond, daughter of Jenny Bond. However several of them had been at yesterdays race meet and seen her son Drew win the under 14's race. As a result they now thought I was my own sister, help! I was going to have to sort this out, and soon, but how? I mean to say, I am gonna look stupid, they are all gonna be embarrassed, it's a mess!

Gaby: The Anime Days * Chapter 30* Cheering Drew

Mum rang Sunday evening, she was over the moon, she's been named for the Tour Feminin, which runs on part of the Tour de France course! And she got tenth in Saturdays race in Switzerland, she was a lot happier this week. I guess even Mum has her ups and downs. I told her all about what was happening with the exchange scheme and she suggested that we could take our exchangees to Germany for a few days! Now that would be cool.

I rang Rhod too and invited him to join the supporters club but he was still painting so had to decline.

Gaby: The Anime Days * Chapter 29 * Sunday Sunday

I woke early to the sound of birds and bright sunshine streaming into the room from a chink in the curtains. I rolled over and didn't! Well you know what it's like with breasts, it takes more effort and I wasn't expecting it. I sat up and after a quick check of what I was wearing; the previous evening's events came back to me!


It really was early, only six thirty but if I wanted to get a training ride in and miss dad, I needed to go soon. After stripping off and a quick bathroom visit, I pulled on my three-quarters and a long sleeved top over 'my' bra; it was really odd seeing it stretched over my temporary bosom! No one else was up yet, so I made good my escape and was out on the road before seven.

Drew with breasts!.jpg