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Gaby : The Anime Days * Chapter 12 * After Party

Well things spiralled down a bit until the limo turned up to collect us. I was getting myself into a fugue, Rhod was still feeling queasy, and even the girls were feeling the pace a bit!

True to her word, when we got back to the Peters' there was pizza and drinks and stuff waiting for us.

"How did it go girls?"

"Great mum, it was so cool. Me and Gabs got the prize for best paired costumes, the guys got best group and you'll never guess what"

"There's more than that?"

"Oh yes Mrs Peters"

"Yeah mum, Gaby won best costume out of the whole dance!"

"Gaby you must be really pleased"

"Yes Mrs Peters"

"Come on then dig in, there's plenty here and there's more pizza if you want. Are Drew and Rhod coming?"

Gaby: The Anime Days * Chapter 11* Dance Away

At least with the costumes all but sorted I could turn my thoughts back to the rest of my life. With the longer evenings came the opportunity to go out my bike for a couple of short rides before hitting the books. My next race was coming up on Sunday all the way down in Surrey! So we were going to be away all weekend, mum had a race on Saturday as well as one on Sunday so it was going to be a full weekend.

The run up to the weekend was uneventful, I hung with Clive and Paul mostly, but whenever I saw the girls they were whispering about the dance.

Gaby: The Anime Days * Chapter 10 * Dress Rehearsal

After yesterdays exertions mum decided that we would have a 'family' day. In parent speak that means we were going on a family outing whether we liked it or not, usually to somewhere we weren't keen to go. But surprise, this time it wasn't so bad. Dad drove us up to York but only after mum and I had done an hour's training ride around some of the north Nottinghamshire lanes.

I like York. It only took a little over an hour from home and the olds had decided we would 'do' the Jorvik experience so we headed straight there. For anyone who doesn't know, Jorvik is history brought to life with animatronics and you ride round in little carts. Everywhere seems to have one these days, Robin Hood in Nottingham is much the same. The other thing is that you usually queue for ages but we timed it just right getting there just before the coach load of scouts and the WI outing!

Gaby : The Anime Days *Chapter 9 * First Fitting

I was not looking forward to Monday night at all. Friday's shopping trip hadn't been so bad although I was still a little piqued that the girl in the shoe shop thought that I was a girl! My male ego was still taking a bashing over that and my tormentors when I told them thought it was a hoot! School was a drag, not that I'm exactly Einstein, but I do usually get good grades, maybe it was my distraction with the dress (ing).

Of course all of our parents knew that we were going to the dance in costumes, they just didn't know what Rhod and I were dressing as. Just as well I guess. As mum was going to a meeting in Clowne, she volunteered to chauffeur Jules and myself to Bernie's house in Meden Vale and she would pick us up on the way back.

"So what are you two going to the disco as?"

"It's not a disco mum"

"Well dance then"

Gaby: The Anime Days * Chapter 8 * Boots And Shoes

After the humiliation of my sister watching while I stripped to my undies then measuring me, I was ready to call it a day but everyone else thought that Gaby and Pippa could do with some girl lessons.

Well have you ever heard of such tummy rot! Well the girls thought we needed schooling in sitting, standing even eating and drinking so we had our first crash course. (Well strictly speaking second, but our Meadowhall efforts were apparently only just passable in a crowd. We were going to a school dance, which would mean closer scrutiny by our peers.)

So we spent another hour learning how to do it properly.

"Well I think you need to practice"

"A lot!"

"Cheers, thanks for the vote of confidence"

"Well you want us to be honest"

"And you don't want the rest of the school clocking you!"

Gaby: The Anime Days * Chapter 7* What?

The images that greeted us represented quite a cross section of anime characters, but Jules had also selected costumes that she thought we would actually be able to make.

"Ok, Drew you've got Chi Light"

"Nooo" I groaned, it was a very girlie costume with all sorts of flounces and lace.

"Bernie you've got cat girl Merle"

"Great, that's dead easy!"

"Nina for you Ally"

"Should be a cinch"

"Rhod you will be the lovely Nuriko"

"At least it's not as bad as Drew's"

"Oh good, Maddy you've got Chi Dark, you're costume is nearly the same as Drew's but in black"

"I really like Chi, this is great Drew!"

Gaby: The Anime Days * Chapter 6 * Gaby's Cosplay

I have to admit that I was a bit withdrawn most of the day and my mind kept wandering. A couple of times I found myself reliving the events of Saturday and by the time we kicked out for the day I was pretty wound up. I didn't see much of Rhod but I could guess that he was going through similar turmoil.

Back home and I was seriously contemplating how I could get out of going through with this evening. If Julie had not been in doors I wouldn't have gone, when Bernie knocked on the door, it was sort of the lesser of two evils to go with her.

"Come on Drew, cheer up"

"About what?"

"What's the prob?"

"Maddy tell you about Julie?"


"Well I'm just a bit worried whether she'll say anything to anyone, especially mum and dad"

"She won't do that"



By Julia Manchester

Copyright 2008

Gaby: The Anime Days * Chapter 5 * Revelation

Sunday was much as usual this time of year, Mum and I set off about nine o'clock bundled against the weather and headed for, this week, Bakewell across in the Peak District. Dad and Juliette would take the camper a bit later and meet us there for lunch. Afterwards mum and I would either ride back or hitch a lift with the others depending on the weather and what we felt like.

I really enjoyed this time of year, there was no pressure from competing, and the roads were a little less busy than in summer. I won't bore you with a blow by blow account but we used the lanes to get across to Bolsover, then followed the main road to Chesterfield. I'd seen it before but mum insisted we have a look at the parish church with its crooked spire. (One of the guys at school reckoned he knew why it was like that and here's his explanation.