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Career Day: The Wheels On The Bus Go Round And Round. Part 2

The next morning, I peeked out of my blankets. Carefully touching my revised plumbing and almost painfully sensitive beasts, I breathed out relived. It hadn’t been a dream. I was still in this alternate past transformed into an Asian girl.

    A rather annoyed, “Meow!” under my covers made me giggle. Shaking herself, the cat sniffed at the cold air before deciding she would stay where it was cozy a while longer.

    Last night I’d berated myself for forgetting, of all things, our pets. I guess I shouldn’t be too hard on myself considering the train wreck like series of shocks I’d gotten yesterday, but still you know it’d been really cold last night.

Innocence Lost And Love Gained

As I look back over my life, I have loved many different women but of all I have to admit that my childhood sweetheart Becky will always be the one that shines the brightest in my heart. To understand why I must go back in time to my childhood so long ago and explain.

    At the tender age of eleven I was as innocent protected child. My Mother watched over me like a hawk. One day at school things changed though, as my innocence was soon lost. There were four guys at my elementary school that were typical bullies. They were constantly challenging each other and fighting with other guys. They lived for it. John was big for his age and was one of the bullies. I happened by while he was attacking a guy my size and two heads shorter than him. I was keeping my distance when I heard him say "Fuck you!!" "I am going to tear your head off, brat." He proceeded to bust the poor guy in the nose. The guy's nose bled badly as he ran off. John high fived a couple of his gang who followed him around to keep from becoming one of his victim's. I had a small hearing problem so I thought John had said "Thuck you."

A Flat Iron

My story begins on spring day just after my 30th birthday. I learned when I was still a teenager that I was transvestite and had long since come to except it. I also new that I never intended to leave home cross-dressed. I was way too much of a coward to go out in public, not that I couldn't pass for a woman. I had always watched my weight and kept my hair long. I couldn't get into wigs, I wanted to be more real, My legs were ok and I kept my body hair shaved. I even used moisturizer on my face and body lotion to look a little softer. I thinned my brows a little and used a little peroxide to lighten them so I could redo them with a eyebrow pencil. Nothing to give me away though, no one knew about my girlie secret.

My Own Lies kept Me From Seeing The Real Truth

    "What was I doing?" I looked at myself in the bedroom mirror. "What have I done?" It was as if I had woke up from a dream where I had no control over what had occurred in the dream and then realized it was not a dream at all. I am a man or at least I was at one point. I sat down on the bed and began to go back through my life to try to find something to hold on to before I went out of my mind.

    I don't remember when I first became attracted to girls clothes but around 8 years of age I remember sneaking into my mothers room while she was gone and finding anything I could try on. I would be very careful to put everything back exactly as I found it wright down to to the creases. I had a huge overwhelming fear of being caught. However, a few times I was caught. My cousin Kathy was baby sitting me a lot during the summer and she caught me wearing something. She didn't make a big deal out of it, thinking I was just playing, but told me I was not to be messing around in mother's room. I stayed away that summer
out of fear.

    Then at age 13, I meet a girl in the apartments we moved to. My Mother and I were alone now due her divorcing my Father. Her name was Tracy and she was a lot of fun. We became close friends. One day she had invited a couple of other girls over and things took a unexpected twist. They like most girls started playing with make-up, clothes, and wigs. I looked on secretly wanting to join in but had every intention of protecting my manhood. Then Tracy pulled a fast one. She told the other girls that they should all practice on me. I objected but not enough to stop them knowing full well that was exactly what I wanted. I was soon wearing a wig, make-up, and a dress. I was thrilled inside. They laughed and I had fun. I was really thin and small framed so I am sure I looked like a girl when they were finished. When the other two girls left I was sad because It was time for me to return to my own clothes.

    We were such close friends that I let down my guard and I asked Tracy as casually as I could "could I borrow the wig and one outfit to show my mom? as a joke?" knowing inside that there was no way I was going to ever show my mom and it was no joke. She said "sure". I used a bag so no one knew what I was carrying and quickly went home before my mother got home from work. I promptly hid the clothes and for a few days I was able to dress up anytime I was alone. Then I made a idiot mistake and changed my hiding place to the clothes hamper in my room. It was my job to empty it each week, so I felt safe. Next thing I knew My mother had found the wig and the outfit. By that time it was the weekend and she had invited Jack over. They were dating. She has always been a drama queen and when I heard her call me into the living room I knew I was in trouble.

    To my horror, she was holding the wig and outfit. Jack was sitting on the sofa. I had to think fast but I was brain dead. I started by telling her the truth "those belong to Tracy my girlfriend" "She let me borrow them" not realizing the implication. Mother immediately threw a fit, "you've been wearing these?" I replied "only in fun" She got more upset and sent me to my room. The shame and fear welled up inside me to the point that I could barely stand it. Then She called me back and said "I don't know what I have done to deserve this?" she was in tears "If you are really a queer I will have to take you to a doctor for counseling."

    That was the breaking point, I broke down and cried. I panicked and resorted to a lie. I told her what she wanted to hear to escape. "No, I said, I lied to you, I'm sorry, Tracy left those here by mistake." She calmed down and began lecturing me about letting anyone in the apartment while she was gone. Then instead of letting me return the wig and outfit she told me she was going to return them herself and have a talk with Tracy's Mom. "Oh no!!, please don't mom." She said "you get to your room, your grounded." I prayed that I didn't get Tracy in trouble and I would not be found out. I thought to myself "would Tracy ever speak to me again?" I was not allowed to play with her after that and soon her and her mother moved away.

    If only I had the courage to stand up to my Mother and held to the truth. The lie was the most damage of all, I knew I could hide and If I was caught I would just lie and make excuses. If I wasn't believed it didn't matter because no one wanted to call me on it. Nobody wanted to believe I was weird. The lie was only hurting myself. I split myself into. Inside I was feminine and outside I was masculine. I was ashamed of who I really was. My Mother would have got over it but I was too much of a coward to face the truth.

    As I got a little taller and I was thrilled that some of my Mom's clothes were close to fitting me. Jack and her got married just before I started high school. There were no more episodes after the big blow up. My desire was still strong and once I bravely rode my bike up to a woman's store. I made up a lie about buying a special gift for my sister and purchased a pair of expensive pink satin panties trimmed in lace. The woman clerk must have known I lied  when I told her I didn't know what size. I said my sister was the same size as me instead of giving her a size. She picked the size for me. She gift wrapped it anyway. She knew. I was just to ashamed to be the girl that needed panties.

    I raced home on my bike, anticipating the thrill of wearing my own panties. When I tried my new panties on I was thrilled all over. I lay down in them. It didn't take long before I climaxed. I didn't have fantasies about girls even though I definitely was attracted to them but I didn't have fantasies about men either and was not attracted to them. My fantasies were about being feminine. Wearing panties was erotic for me, I stuck my manhood between my legs and held my legs together to make the panties look flat in front while I looked in the mirror. I wore them a lot even to school. Finally I graduated from school and went off to college for one year. I had a dorm room shared with another guy. So, there was no way to cross dress. I continued to masturbate and fantasize about feminizing myself.

    I meet a another guy named Tony and we became buddies. Later after spending many weekends and evenings hanging together. I realized Tony was Gay. He was masculine and never made any advances towards me. I did not have a clue. When we first meet I noticed the women at college really thought he was attractive and my hope was that soon we might be double dating but of course that was not going to happen, he just wanted to hang with me. He thought I was straight. I never told him my secret. We were great friends, he really knew how to party. So much so that I soon had a grade point avg that was impossible to bring up. I flunked. I returned home a complete failure. I've never lived it down since, my Mother being the drama queen that she is.

    Later, at 20 years of age I finally meet a woman. We dated, had intercourse for the first time, and she eventually moved in with me. A couple of years later I insisted we get married. From time to time I would use her clothes to give myself a extra thrill which was always more exciting than normal intercourse. Of course, I knew by then I was a transvestite, no denying it now. Being married however seemed to lesson the need a great deal. Eventually after 5 years of marriage she had an affair with a work mate and divorced me. She never knew about my hidden secret or if she did she never said a word.

     My next marriage was even worse although I loved her she was an alcoholic and even after being told she would die within a couple of years she would not stop drinking. She wasn't home much and took most of her clothes with her. She ran around and stayed anywhere she could get alcohol. I refused to Divorce her no matter what my family and friends said. I got more desperate in my loneliness and slowly collected everything I needed to cross dress. I even went shopping at a dress store. Again I lied to the woman clerk and told her it was for my wife, same size as me of course. I lied to myself, She showed me a section of dresses that she said would fit. Like a woman I looked through them and several minutes later picked a couple of cute dresses. When I got home and tried them on I got a special thrill. They were a perfect fit, The tops of each dress were small perfect for a woman with no or small breasts. The Clerk knew they were for me. It was if I could get help from any woman as long as I was willing to make up some lie. I realized now the women were protecting my pride and going along with my lie. She had helped me feminize myself!!

    I had special ordered a wig. I bought a drawer full of very feminine panties. I had a bra, breast forms, a slip and hose. I bought the old fashioned wire curlers and a set of hot curlers so I could roll my hair wet or dry. I let it grow longer than I had ever had my hair before but still it was no where close to being passable. I could get close by using the curlers but only on top and the sides. The back was too short. While at the hair stylist one day a saw a guy come in with wavy hair. I jumped on the opportunity to ask if she could make my hair wavy like his. Of course Becky said "no problem, let me set you an appointment." I said "can't we just do it now?" "Oh no", she said "it takes a couple of hours." She instructed me to go home and condition my hair then until the appointment just wash it without using any chemicals.

    I was scared the day of my appointment and I was glad to see there was very few customers. Becky was there but surprised me when she said John is the one who would give me the permanent. "A permanent?" I gasped, "I just want a wave", She smiled "Well silly, that is how it's done" "It won't be a full perm, It will be wavy just like you wanted" "But, we still have to use permanent and set your hair". I looked like a dear in the headlights. I couldn't back out and besides deep inside I had always wanted my hair curled. I watched when I could but still It was not a big turn on because a guy was doing my hair and he also turned me away from the mirror. However, I did get to set under the dryer like a woman. Then came the next shocker. Becky told me when I payed her that I was not allowed to wash my hair and restyle it for 3 days. "your hair will look curly until you wash it, in fact you should reach up and scrunch your curls with your hands when you get the chance." "Oh, thanks." I said still in shock.

    At home I couldn't wait to dress up with my new permanent wave. I knew from practice how to put make-up on. I would have to stop and relieve myself by masturbating several times before I would finally be fully dressed and feminized. I tried to keep dressed up and just lounge around but I was uncomfortable and uneasy. Once I had climaxed a few times It seemed pointless to stay dressed up. My wife finally died about the same time they said she would if she didn't stop drinking. I gave all her clothes to her daughter from a earlier marriage. I already had my own clothes anyway. I was heartbroken and lonely but due to her being gone a lot I was not hurting as much as I would have been.

    I also had special ordered a white see-through baby doll with matching panties. It had a inch of ruffled lace on the hem and lace shoulder straps. Small pink bows were all over it and there was a wrap to match it. I loved it. If I bent over my panties trimmed in lace and pink bows would show. Sometimes I would use my wig and sometimes I would set my hair. I always wore my baby doll while I put make up on and rolled my hair. I wanted badly to go further with feminizing myself but I had no encouragement and I was to much of a coward. I was tormented. I needed help. Soon I decided counseling would turn me back from my obsession, I was wrong. I asked for a female counselor. She immediately let me know she was a lesbian and that she understood totally what I was going through. This is where the Dream I spoke of started. I told her everything.

    At first she just sat and listened. After several visits she explained to me that there was no cure. She went on to say "You are not just a transvestite, Eric. From listening and studying your case I know now that you are what is called a transsexual." "You won't be satisfied until you are a complete woman." I was shocked but it did explain why I wanted to go further and further with looking feminine. "Oh God, are you sure?" "Yes I am" she replied. "But, just to be safe we will take it slow and you can stop anytime you want." "I want you to feminize yourself beyond what you have been." "You have got to overcome your fears and shame so you can make the right choice." "You will have to let me decide what to do next until then." "You will need someone to help you." "I know you don't know anyone yourself because you have been hiding your true gender, so I am going to give your number to a woman who can help you." "You're job is to let go and put her in charge" "Well Ok, I said. I can stop anytime I want?" "Not at first" she said. "You have to give it a little time then we'll talk some more." "I am prescribing some medications for you to help you feminize yourself." "In fact, before you leave today I will give you a couple of shots to get you started." "Come back in a month for your next visit." "If you don't have anymore questions? our time is up today." "The nurse will administer the shots in the next room and here is your prescription to fill at the store." "Thanks Doctor Jackson."

    As I left after receiving two shots in the rear, I looked at the prescription and realized the two medications were Premarin and Progesterone. Female hormones!! I felt a warm sensation in my stomach when I realized I had just been feminized. I was scared but thrilled again. When I got home I put on my baby doll and panties and relieved myself. Shortly after I got a phone call. A woman said "is this Eric?" I said "yes" she replied "I am Susan, Dr Jackson asked me to call you." "Oh yes,nice to meet you." she continued "I would like to come by this evening, so we can talk." I said "Great, I'm looking forward to seeing you." She then asked me "what are you wearing wright now? and don't lie to me." I timidly replied "a baby doll gown and panties." She said "Good, don't change that will be perfect." "I want us to be girlfriends and I want you to get used to being feminine when were together." She said "I am bi-sexual so don't be embarrassed."

    Susan arrived a few minutes later. She was very cute and we were the same height and weight. 5'6'' 140lbs aprox. She had shoulder length hair. She was wearing a blouse and skirt. She immediately gave me a hug. She started "Let me look at you" "Oh, yes" she said you will make a beautiful girl." "Thanks." "I am going to call you Erica, if you don't mind, it's much more feminine." "ok, yea" "Erica, I used to work at a salon so lucky for you I can help you feminize yourself wright here at home." "Oh, thanks Susan." "Erica, Dr Jackson has told me everything and I mean everything so I know that your girlie and feminine and I also know about your fears." "What I want you to do is always tell me what you really want." "After all Erica,it will just be me and you until your ready to leave home and face who really are." "I want you to be as sissy and feminine as you would be if you had been raised up a girl in dresses." "Let me see your feminine side, let your fantasies come true." "That's our goal." "OK." "Oh, Susan I'm in love with you already." She then told me that it would best if she was my roommate so she could help me 24/7. That meant I had to dress as a woman anytime I wasn't leaving to go somewhere.

    The next morning she reminded me to take my hormones. I was off on vacation for two weeks so things got going pretty fast. She left and returned with more of her clothes and a lot of beauty items. "Erica, you will feel more feminine if you shave your legs and underarms, here is some hair remover cream and some pink razors I got for you." I went into the bathroom and found the tub full of bubble bath waiting. I slipped in and it was heavenly. I knew exactly what to do. I had seen both my wives shave many times and always wanted to try it. I raised one leg up and put on the cream, slowly I ran the pink razor from my ankle to my upper thigh repeating then switched legs...uooo, I felt feminine. I raised each arm and shaved my pits. "Erica, for now on keep yours legs and underarms shaved and use the shampoo and conditioner that I'm using." "I brought you a couple of more baby dolls with panties so you will have more nighties to wear."

    I dried and tried on one my new nighties. I had a rock hard on as usual and laid down just long enough to relieve myself. It was erotic. After a moment Susan came in and asked me about my nightie. I remembered what she said about letting go. "I love it, It so cute, I feel high in it." "Susan said "Oh, You are a sissy girl aren't you." I replied "yes, I have never had anyone I could admit it to." "Well, that has changed now, cutie. Since were both girlfriends do you want me to help with your hair?" "Yes, but it's too short really" I replied."  Susan smiled "I thought you might say that" "I have just the thing, you are going to love this. This will take most of the day. First I need to put more curl in your hair. Then I will give you a more feminine blond color." "Come in here to the sink and I will wash your hair." "Now if you're not sure this is what you want just say so and we will slow down". My eyes were lite up like Christmas lights on a tree.

    She brought out a box of permanent curling rods with built in clips. I could feel an erection coming on. She combed through my hair and sectioned it off. I was celebrating inside. I almost wanted to stand and jump up an down like a excited school girl and giggle. This time I was able to watch as each rod was rolled down and clipped. She got the top and back done and noticed I had a hard on. She said "You sissy, you are really enjoying this." I replied, "yes, this is wonderful, I'm sorry but I have to relieve myself, I can't resist it." "Erica, don't move let me help." A moment later I was in heaven. As I set back in my chair she pulled down my panties. I thought I would pass out when she started sucking me off. I had just about climaxed when she took my penis out of her mouth. She held out the palm of one hand and then pumped with the other. I climaxed and shot cum into her cupped palm. After she emptied me she cupped her hands and told me to help her lick it up. I was so turned on I immediately started licking and swallowing while she did the same. We both ended up with cum on our checks. She washed her hands and returned with a wet towel for me. I reached down and pulled my panties back up. She continued rolling my hair. I was in love.

    I smelled the ammonia as the permanent cream was put on. At the right time she rinsed and put in the deactivater. Then after awhile she rinsed again. Next she used the hair color with conditioner. Returning to the chair she set my hair in curlers. She could see the excitement in my eyes. While waiting for my hair to dry she asked me If wanted my bangs cut. Then told me my eyebrows were really bad and we had to do something with them. I told her yes please what ever she thought I needed to go ahead, I trusted her opinion. The next thing I knew she had cut bangs and waxed my eyebrows, arching them both. Still in curlers I could see in the mirror my face was lot more feminine. After my hair dried she took out my curlers. This time I had a full permanent. "What do you think" she said. I let go. "Oh, I can't believe it, it's so sissy, I love the curls, thank you." Susan replied, "my pleasure, you deserve it." I reached up and patted my curls. "Next I am going to put in hair extensions that are the same color and will reach just below your shoulders" I swallowed, "you mean I will have long hair like yours?" Susan replied, "yes cutie, and it will be curly too since we just curled your hair."

    About three hours later, I had long spiral curls that softly lay on my shoulders. I couldn't believe it. It was a dream come true. I shook my hair expecting the extensions to fall out. My hair was also a feminine blond color, soft and pretty. I let go again, "It's darling" "I could almost pass for a woman now!!" Susan smiled and laughed, "well not just yet but you will." "Lets see what you look like with your make-up on, Erica." "Oh, my, another hard on girl." She reached down with her soft hand and rubbed me gently. She saw me weaken and start to climax. She told me to cup my hands and jacked me off. The cum shot into my cupped hands. We both licked it up out of my hands and occasionally licked tongs.Then this time we licked our checks with each others tongs. Susan watched me while I showed off how easy it was for me to put make-up on. She told me what colors to use and told me when I was over doing it. Susan told me that everyday for now on I was to put my face on every morning and take it off before bed. She said we both would do our own. She gave me some special cream she said that would help moisturize my face.

    After we finished moisturizing, I watched while she pined her hair up for bed. Then in turn I did mine. She changed into her own baby doll and panties. There was only one bedroom so we both slept together. I was shocked when I still got yet another hard on. She said since we were girlfriends she wanted me to lick her clit like a woman. First, I got on my knees between her legs and she laid back while I licked her clit then we 69'ed and both climaxed. It was erotic. We slept together every night in our baby dolls and lace panties. For the next week I did my face every morning and fully dressed in different outfits. One day it was a cute dress, then a blouse and skirt, then once we both wore one piece bathing suits. In the morning I took my pills and once dressed she had me put on high heels to teach me how to walk like a woman. She made sure I sat like a woman and held my elbows in. I folded my hands and crossed my legs. She gave me a manicure and pedicure just before she taught me how to paint my nails.

    The second week, started with another surprise. Susan said after breakfast "Darling we need to pierce your ears and then I think you are ready to pass as a woman, now." "You have learned so fast, you're a natural. After I pierce your ears, we are going shopping." The fear griped me just like it had anytime I thought about leaving home dressed up. "Oh Susan, are you sure, what if someone sees me?" Susan looked at me. "Darling it is all in your head you don't look like a man, you look like a woman. If someone sees you they will know you are exactly what you are, a woman." "Get over it, men don't wear dresses and curl their hair." "They don't wear make-up or carry purses." "and they sure don't wear high heels, silly girl." I went into the bedroom and looked in mirror after she pierced my ears. I was wearing a darling pair of gold ear rings. Which brings us to the end of the dream that I had awoken from. But the Dream was real, I couldn't deny what she said. I wasn't a man, I was a woman. I finally let go. I was no longer afraid. I picked up my purse and was ready. Susan and I went shopping and had a great time. The rest of week I relaxed, the feeling of uneasiness was gone, I was comfortable in my female clothes. I could sit with Susan and just watch TV and it felt perfectly natural now.

    When vacation ended I let the fear grip me again. I whined to Susan "What am I going to do now? What will everyone think at work? I will probably be laughed at and fired." Susan replied "you are such a sissy, tell them the truth, be proud you're a woman" "you are not a little girl any more, afraid of your mother, are you?" So what if they do say something hateful or try to hurt you. They can't spank you. They can't make you ashamed if you're not. Swallow all all that stupid male pride of yours, you are not a man anyway." "You don't need any male pride." "Use those balls of yours while you still have them." Susan was wright again, I have to let go and face it. Luckily I worked as a Store clerk at a large Department Store. It wasn't the first time someone switched genders at the store. The Manager to my surprise was not shocked at all and saw no reason why I couldn't continue with my job. She said "In fact I think customers prefer female clerks anyway." "You are a pretty woman." I was thrilled all over, I felt acceptance. I was a woman.

    My next visit to Dr Jackson, I was of course fully dressed. She almost didn't recognize me. She was amazed at how quickly I had transitioned. My confidence and graceful moves were feminine. She asked me "Erica, how do you feel now, are you happy with your new life?" I replied "Oh yes, its wonderful." "Susan has helped me so much." Dr Jackson said "Soon, your skin will soften. Your breasts will bulb and grow. Your buttock and hips will broaden." "Is that what you want?" I replied, "Oh yes, my skin is already getting soft and I can't wait for my breasts to grow. I just want to thank you. You have made me a happy woman." Dr Jackson smiled and reminded me to get my shots on the way out. I bent over pulled down my panties, held up my skirt and was thrilled as I felt the injections.

    After a few months of hormones I was thrilled to wake up with small breasts one morning. Soon though I could no longer get it up any more, by then I didn't care, I was looking forward to completely feminizing myself and having it done. I didn't want to wait even a year. After six months I traveled overseas and had a vaginoplasty done. I woke up a new woman completely feminized. Susan was waiting for my return and was very happy. I was shocked and thrilled yet again when the doctor gave me a complete set of dildos. She explained that for at least 6 more months I needed to use these three times a day to allow my new vagina to dilate. That was no problem, Susan strapped on a dildo and penetrated me morning, evening, and at bedtime. It is erotic. I don't cross dress anymore. I guess there is a cure after all. We still sleep in our baby dolls and panties but then again that is what girls are suppose to sleep in. I love getting my hair curled and still hurry home so I can use my dildo. The Real Truth is that I am a Woman. Don't be afraid, Just let go.

Makeup Fairy

Disclaimer: This is fiction. All the characters and events portrayed here are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely accidental and unintentional. I as the author reserves all rights. A big thanks goes out to Cathy who proofed and generally made this readable. Any remaining errors, or mistakes are mine! Enjoy

The Makeup Fairy


    Gail sighed forlornly at the imperfect image reflected in her mirror. As much as she wanted to deny it, she was looking at herself. It had taken her forever and a day to accept that, regardless of how the rest of the world saw her, she was a woman. Staring at her poorly done makeup on that all too masculine, face, she stuck out her tongue at it in pure frustration.

    It would so much easier, if she could just pretend to be the lumbering guy everyone else saw. However, her inner girl had other ideas. After years of broken relationships, lost jobs, and depression, it was pretty clear that only insanity lay in that direction. It had taken years of therapy, anti-depressants, and yet more therapy, to get her to admit the nature of her problem.

    Gail sighed again, making another face at herself. Her daddy always said you had to work with what you had. That made her smile, because she very much doubted her practical had anything like this in mind.

    Her mom was always the strong one, bound and determined to withstand whatever life threw at her, no matter what. Together, her parents had made a good couple, even if they hadn’t a clue on how to deal with her peculiarity. She still missed them so much, despite the years that had passed since the accident that had taken them from her.

    Gail closed her eyes, taking a deep breath. She would clean her face off and try yet again. First she decided to follow the advice of that song that had sustained her though many difficult times. She knew her voice left a lot to be desired, but music had always helped. As silly as it was, she sang, “Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens.”

    Losing herself in happier times, she didn’t care who heard her, or what they thought. Lost in those childhood memories, Gail was barely aware of a light tingling upon her face, bug!

    Her eyes snapped open, looking wildly for the creepy crawlie, but instead, her mouth fell open in utter amazement.

    There, in the mirror, was an attractive woman with her makeup done superbly. She could barely tell that she was wearing any makeup at all. The colors and shades were skillfully blended to hide her masculine features.

    Out of the corner of her eye, she spied movement by the drapes that she had carefully pulled shut, to make certain of her privacy. Racked by indecision, she didn’t know what to do. Part of her wanted to know, to see, who had done such a wonderful job, while the other simply wanted more.

    Her entire life, Gail wanted to believe in the supernatural and the paranormal. If miracles were real, then just maybe this gross male body of hers wasn’t the prison it had always seemed.

    After the fire left her with no place to stay, her grandmother had taken her in. From another time and place, the eccentric old woman told her all kinds of fantastic tales and stories. For years, she used to leave out treats for the ‘little people’ and it only stopped after her death.

    Gail had inherited the old place, but while she had always hoped and wished that the stories were true, she had never gone to the lengths her grandmother had.

    Were the stories true? Had perhaps her singing, caused them to help her, like one of those old fairy tales about brownies, cobblers, elves and all the rest?

    She had to suppress a giggle. The Lil’ Folk of legend weren’t known for being makeup artists!

    There was one way to prove that theory. Keeping her eyes to herself, she went to her kitchen. Feeling silly, she poured some milk in a bowl and took it with her back to her bureau.

    Sitting, she placed the bowl in front of her.

    Calming herself, she said in her best feminine voice. “Thank you so much. You did a wonderful job. Could you help me with my nails and hair please? I would be most grateful.”

    Feeling even more foolish, she closed her eyes again. Gail had her doubts that it would work again. She was unsure how much time passed, since she couldn’t see, but she was beginning to feel discouraged.

    Suddenly her heart thumped as she felt that ‘tingle’ again. This time it was her hair, and it was like a light breeze was somehow blowing inside her room.

    The ‘tingle’ stopped as her breath caught, but continued after she gently exhaled, relaxing. She seemed to remember that fairy creatures were very shy, and any attempt to see or catch them would be sure to chase them away.

    With an act of will, she kept herself relaxed. It was happening, and sometimes you just had to trust. What must have been a fairly short time later, the ‘tingles’ ended.

    Not wanting to spoil a good thing, Gail gave her unseen makeover artists a warning. “I think you’re finished now, so I’m going to open my eyes, Okay?”

    Not getting a response, she dared a glance.

    That woman in the mirror couldn’t be her! That hair was gorgeous! Much longer and fuller, the dark waves framed her face in just the right way. Both of her eyebrows, while not thin arches, were perfectly acceptable, and she hadn’t even felt any pain from plucking. When she touched her hair, to convince herself it was real, she stopped to stare at the beautiful ovals of her now manicured nails.  

    “Breathe honey, breathe,” she whispered in wonder. It was really her.

    Gail blinked her long lashes, thinking furiously. The bowl of milk in front of her was drained dry. Making up her mind she said, aloud to her invisible benefactors, “Thank you so much! I’m going to leave pencil and paper here, so if you have any needs please let me know. A gift for a gift.”

    “I’m going to my computer to see what else besides milk is good for you. Thank you again. I do hope we can do this again.”

    A tug on her new locks proved that the sudden growth of hair was not only real, but all hers. No more male baldness for her.

    A brilliant smile came to her lips. Magic was ‘real’! She didn’t have to struggle all alone with this any more. Gail had made some new friends.


    Doctor Hanson, her therapist, was surprised when she arrived for her appointment, in all of her feminine glory. The Doctor had nothing, but compliments for Gail’s appearance, and remarked how much happier and more confident her patient was since their last visit. The shy, conflicted person, caught struggling against herself, had somehow blossomed.

    When asked what had caused such a dramatic change, Gail just smiled, saying she had made some new friends with a talent for makeovers. She certainly couldn’t argue with the results. From her hair style, to the cute shoes her patient wore, it all seemed customized for her.

    More than a little envious, Doctor Hanson had to ask, “Are they taking new customers?

    Gail giggled. “Sorry Doctor, they don’t run a business and are really shy. It wasn’t because of money that they helped me. You could say they helped all because of a song…

The End  

Note: The song lyrics is from “My Favorite Things” by Rodgers and Hammerstein.



I nervously sit in front of my mirror wearing my favorite dress applying my make-up examining my face for any flaws, I never would have thought that I would be wearing a dress and putting make-up on my face waiting for my boyfriend to go on a date one year ago. Let me explain how I ended up in front of my mirror wearing a dress.

One year ago I was your normal average guy, at least I thought I was until my father died suddenly and left mom and me trying to cope with our loss. I was 15 and a freshman just starting high school, I was not a macho guy by anyone’s standards I only weighed 130lbs and was 5’7’’ tall I had long brown hair and a high tenor voice, you might even call me a sissy; I know all the jocks did. I was never any good at sports and academic activities were not my favorite either. I enjoyed drama and music so I registered in drama and music classes and joined the drama club along with choir. With my size I was always called “fagot” or “queer” because I was in those clubs but to the people who knew me I was just me. My best friend was my neighbor Amanda we had been friends since we were little, her parents moved in when we were two and we have played together ever since then.

Something Feels Strange - 5

Something Feels Strange…

Something Feels Strange…

By Tiffany B. Quinn

As we say good night, I notice that she is wearing a new necklace. I don't know why I hadn't noticed it earlier. I guess that I am not all that observant at times. Anyway the necklace looks disturbingly familiar. Hanging from a delicate gold chain around her neck is a gold colored charm in the shape of a running shoe.

As I look at it, she says “It reminds me of you.”

She winks at me before heading inside.

Chapter 5: Not Again!

A Shootist Disarmed

A Shootist Disarmed

by Arcie Emm

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Thank you very much to Puddintane, Renee M, and Stanman for reviewing this concoction for me.

Chapter 1 - Ms. Dupensk

Bursting forth from Transition, the exploration ship detected a habitable planet, causing her pilot to begin dreaming about spending his discovery bonus. Drifting closer, as his ship’s sensors collected more data, those plans grew less ambitious. He determined that it held an abundance of minerals, yet few were rare and those were buried under deep seas. He had found a water planet, where the only livable space was islands, none of them large enough to hold a decent sized city. Bitter at his discovery’s apparent uselessness, particularly to himself, the pilot named the planet Pyrite, fool’s gold.

His judgement proved correct; few paid attention to his find. The main reaction coming from the clerk at the Interstellar Discovery and Charting Partnership while drafting the official chart entry, when he cursed the unimaginative predictability of exploration pilots and officially designated the planet Pyrite 23.

Its brief flirtation with civilization over, the planet returned to obscurity. The next period of forgetfulness passed in an eye-blink to the planet, but lasted over nine centuries for humanity. Not until another, more fortunate, exploration pilot found a nearby band of asteroids, dense in rare minerals, did Pyrite 23 find a purpose, at least to the mining companies intending to exploit the new find.

Recognizing how loneliness, danger, and the emptiness of space could prey on a miner’s thoughts, these companies operated ten day shifts before removing a miner for four days of R&R, which posed a problem for the frugal employers,  where to send them. Transportation to nearby settled worlds seemed a reasonably priced option; however, it came with complete loss of control over the men. Instead of arriving for transport back to the asteroids, many ended up in jails, hospitals, or somewhere lost in drunken stupor. The second option involved contracting pleasure ships. This solved the control problem, but at greater expense. So whenever possible, they found a relatively close, uninhabited world, then built and operated their own facilities. Pyrite 23 fit those requirements perfectly.

Crews descended upon the planet, chose likely islands and built facilities. By the time any of the miners showed up, there was already a frontier port, complete with bars, dance halls, theatres, inns, restaurants, and brothels. Yet unlike most such ports, usually on planets that were empty due to inhospitable weather, beasts, pests, or foliage, Pyrite 23 did not require a protective dome. The temperate climate of the islands made the outside enjoyable, opening unusual opportunities for recreation and entertainment on what would otherwise have been an ordinary miner’s R&R haven.

These more wholesome activities kept the port from taking on the dingy and run down atmosphere so common amongst its kind. Soon people other than the miners started choosing Pyrite 23 as a place to visit. First came the management of the mining companies, and then those seeking adventure upon its seas.

Yet these advantages could not keep the planet going when the asteroid mining operations dried up. Pyrite 23 depended upon the operating funds from the mining companies, the money spent by the miners, and the fees paid by the few adventurous tourists. However, instead of allowing the planet to again fade into obscurity, an entertainment conglomerate purchased the entire operation. With free rein upon the planet, they built resorts and theme parks, often spanning multiple islands. Yet the massive casinos proved the biggest draw, turning the planet into a destination for the masses. And like that first pilot, most who broke free of Transition had dreams of fools gold.

Not all. For those who did not seek short-cuts to wealth, lucrative employment contracts existed, particularly for attractive women. Management recognized the temptation that the seeming availability of beautiful women offered to men, who hoped, though usually failed, to get lucky in more ways than one, even though they usually failed. Old school thinking perhaps, but nobody denied the profits. Thus the passengers aboard the Siren’s Cove Employee Transit Tram could cause a visitor from Darson to go into seizures, as he tried to decide at whom to look.

Even the more worldly would find it difficult not to gawk. So the casino minimized the gawking, here where nothing could be earned, by keeping tourists off the employee trams. As for male employees, most grew used to the feminine richness in which they lived, preferring to spend their commute like anybody else, anywhere else in the universe. This day, like most days, the tram’s passengers, male or female, engaged in sleep, reading, or quiet talk with seatmates. All except one, who sat upright, alone, and stared fiercely out the window at the passing seas.

Like many of the tram’s passengers, she required a second look. That look would show her older than first glance implied, but her beauty had a warmth to it, though somewhat cool at the moment. A frequent visitor or a fellow employee would think her a dealer, probably in one of the more expensive rooms, until she stood, showing her height, leanness, and grace, and then they would recognize her as a dancer, probably in one of the stage productions. At one time they would have been right. Nearly twenty years before, when Ellene Dupensk had first arrived on Pyrite, she’d danced as a chorus girl at Flickers, a small casino pulled down twelve years ago. From Flickers she had moved to larger casinos, until she’d reached Siren’s Cove, where they’d recognized talents of greater worth than those of a showgirl.

She provided a calming influence over her often high-strung colleagues, being a natural peace-maker, problem solver, and confidante. So despite never having had children of her own, they contracted to use her natural mothering instincts, first for the dancers but then, over the years, for all who worked at the casino.

Very much upper management now, she only rode the tram in order to allow employees to approach her with their problems, which was not happening on this particular day. Everyone saw the anger in her eyes and knew the cause behind it; the disagreement between her and the new head of marketing having served as recent grist for the rumour mills, a test of wills that everybody knew she’d lost. They also knew that today was the start of the new marketing gimmick dreamed up by the winner, and that Ms. Ellene rode along to judge its impact, harshly from all appearances.

Nobody would call her a prude, she had spent much of her time on stage wearing nothing more than a headdress, heels, and a smile. Nor did she complain about the costumes her girls wore at the casino, despite how little most covered. But both situations occurred under the watchful eye of casino security, not as the girls made their way to and from work, away from any real protection. She cared less that many of the girls wore similar things on their own, Siren‘s Cove‘s had no responsibility for those bad decisions. However, the casino did have responsibility for what she saw today as the tram crossed the chain of four islands housing the majority of the planet’s single women. Every time she spotted another example of what that smarmy pervert, Elston Dinwald, claimed would ‘showcase’ the beauty of their female employees, Ellene’s teeth clenched a little tighter. She admitted Dinwald and his staff had done a fine job of choosing candidates. Each girl wearing one of the new outfits numbered amongst the casino’s most beautiful, so none of them needed the garish styling of a tasteless pimp to showcase their beauty.

The new outfits were hideous.

Dinwald had started on the right track, the rompers and mini-dresses were the same as those worn by the waitresses in the casino’s premier nightclub, The Pearl. They hugged curves and she had always liked them, particularly their colour, a deep midnight blue . If they had stopped there, she would have dismissed most of her fears. Instead, the new ‘genius’ decided to make them sexier by cutting away additional material to show more skin. Even worse, they’d garishly emblazoned ‘Siren’s Cove’ in large, glittery silver lettering across the back of each girl. They embarrassed her, making her wonder how much of a bonus they’d had to pay to convince the girls to wear such eyesores.

So ridiculous were the outfits she found herself questioning if she had blown everything out of proportion, since the new outfits were so over-the-top as to minimize their actual allure. Such thoughts were brushed aside as they pulled into the next station and she spotted the dark haired girl waiting to board in a too-tight romper, complete with a belly button-exposing neckline and a bottom that gave only a half-assed effort at coverage.

Protests to the contrary, mothers often feel more protective of one child over the others and Ellene wasn’t any different from most. As much as she hated what the seasoned employees were wearing today, she had some confidence that most of her girls could handle the additional burden of their outfits. She felt much less confident about the pretty, little miss on the platform, proudly perched atop high-heeled boots like some junior member of the streetwalker sisterhood. Despite a personal history that had shocked Ellene to read, the child had the survival instincts of a lemming, seeming always willing to follow someone over a cliff.

Instead of the scowl she had directed at the previous bonus seekers, Ellene gestured for the girl to come towards her. Proving herself at least somewhat aware of the need for self-preservation, the girl hesitantly approached, nervously, saying, “Hello Ms. Dupensk, you wished to see me?”

“Hello, Sascha, won’t you take a seat?”

“Umm...okay. Thank you?”

“Tell me about your new outfit, it’s not your normal style.”

Glancing quickly downwards, as if she had forgotten what she wore, Sascha said, “Oh, it’s not, but Mr. Dinwald offered me a bonus to wear it on my way to work. To advertise for the Cove.”

“Sascha, you know, just because Mr. Dinwald asks you to do something, doesn’t mean you have to do it.”

“Yeeeah, I guess. Is he going to ask me to do something that you don’t want me to do? I heard that the two of you were having a disagreement about something.”

Reminding herself that they had not hired Sascha for her brains, Ellene said, “We were disagreeing about the outfits, I do not think they are completely appropriate for you and the others to wear.”

“Oh? Oh! Why not?”

“Do you think they’re appropriate?”

“Don’t tell Mr. Dinwald I said this, but they’re kind of tacky. I like the Pearl’s version better. They’re nice”

“Very true, and these are also rather skimpy.”

Giggling, Sascha replied, “Not when you compare it to some of my work costumes.”

“Well yes, but casino security makes sure that nobody bothers you when you are wearing those.”

“Nobody bothered me today, Ms. Dupensk.”

“You can’t be too careful, Sascha. So many visitors come from off planet who we are unable to screen. We can’t keep out the scum. And worse, some of them are wealthy and powerful. These people sometimes don’t believe the rules apply to them.”

“But when will any visitor see me? I came directly to the station from my apartment, got on the tram, and will get off at the employee station at the casino.”

Ellene almost blurted out a hasty answer before processing what Sascha had said. However, as the girl’s itinerary bludgeoned its way into her thoughts, she suddenly realized the meaningless nature of the argument between her and Dinwald. They had both overlooked the most important factor, perhaps not surprisingly, since neither of them were treated as a valuable resource like Sascha and the girls. They did not live on an island that had restricted access like those on the employee tram route. As Sascha had said, nobody would see her, well at least not the dangerous perverts she had feared, nor even the regular perverts the casino catered to and that Dinwald hoped to attract. She laughed at the silliness of the entire affair.

“Ms. Dupensk?”

“It’s nothing, Sascha, I guess it’s okay for you to wear Mr. Dinwald’s outfits. Just don’t wear it when you go out.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t do that, people would laugh.”

Ellene quickly stifled an almost uncontrollable urge to giggle.