Head or Body Part Swaps

His Girl

His Girl
By Stanman63
Edited by Nora Adrienne

Synopsis: When a young man finds that he is a girl, his family supports him and he finds that his best friend knew she was a girl and knew that she was his girl when they met.



Tales of Airousse Moor One The Assassin’s Curse

Tales of Airousse Moor One

The Assassin’s Curse                   By Tenwaters (for reading on http://stardustr.us only)

To say Bill Bigalow was a killer while technically correct, would be imprecise, insulting, and most likely unhealthy.  To start with Bill Bigalow was not his real name just the last one he had been using.  Though he had killed a number of people there was no one who could prove it.  In most cases no one could prove that his victims were even murdered.  The man currently calling himself Bill Bigalow was a master spy and assassin.  He was no casual killer he was an artist.  Of course he did not practice his trade in Airousse Moor the Guild there was a little to territorial for his tastes.