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How Do You Misspell Potion? Chapter 1

How Do You Misspell Potion? Chapter 1

DECEMBER 4, 2008  

      Dear Diary, today Auntie Mercedes came to see momma, she was crying and angry, real angry. I couldn’t help but listen in, momma had forgotten I was there and Auntie Mercedes was in no mood to see anyone or anything except the target of her anger. Problem is that most of their conversation is in Visayan and Tagalog, too many words I don’t know and at a mile a minuet.  As she yelled and wailed I flashed back to my own bone of contention, momma is a practitioner of potions. I don’t know if that makes her a witch, but her results are either magic or sorcery. Now more times than not, I forget that I used to be her father in law, not one of the twins, heck according to the birth certificate that the navy drummed up, I’m not even the older twin, Connie is.

Alternate Reality: The Bear Market

Now Sarge pulled a wig over his head and adjusted it. As he stood, he realized that male pronouns were no longer appropriate. She had shed her male persona and become Nora Spencer.

Nora smiled at the feminine reflection she observed in the mirror. She walked over to a pair of 3-inch slingback pumps and stepped into them. She walked back and forth a few times, enjoying the distinctive click of her heels on the hardwood floor. She smiled, grabbed her purse, and walked to the rear staircase leading to the alley in back of the store. She paused to lock the door, made her way down the steps, looked either way, and strode off to the sidewalk. Her destination was a gay bar a few blocks away, a place that welcomed crossdressers and their admirers.

As she walked, she did not notice the man standing in the shadows. He wore a cloak made of raven feathers and carried a large Blackthorn staff. A kitten perched on his right shoulder. “Mew,” said the kitten.

“You were right, Maggie,” the man with the raven cloak said. “She's hiding something. She needs help, and I don't think she will find it where she's going.”

Bobby's Rainy Day Adventure - Chapter V

Still in the dress he wound up wearing while playing 'Mommy and Baby'
with Cori, Bobby runs through a poorly lit hospital parking lot to see
his mother, who's just been in a car accident. But running though dark
parking lots, even at best of times, is never a very good idea.

Bobby's Rainy Day Adventure - Chapter IV

In chapter four, Bobby has fun playing 'Mommy and Baby' with Cori until Terri bursts into Cori's room with some shocking news.

Bobby's Rainy Day Adventure

Copyright 2005-2007 by Heather Rose Brown


Christmas Surprise

Spring Hills was in a state of total excitement! The small mountain town full of eclectic little shops and mostly geared towards the tourist trade went all out for the major holidays. Christmas this year would be no exception. Now Spring Hills wouldn’t forget about the religious meaning of this holiday, but that was mostly left for the churches and the individual families. The town itself was going all out for the business end and the commercial pageantry that would draw these tourists into town.

The Wardrobe

This is the story of a middle-aged man who's been fighting the voices in his head telling him he's really a girl, and what he does when he hears a new yet strangely familiar voice. This story is loosely based on the Chronicals of Narnia. It's intended to stand alone, although I may add to it some time after I finish writing Bobby's Rainy Day Adventure.