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Gaby: BOOK 2 Summer Girl*Part 49* Punishment

Part 49

I was feeling a bit sorry for myself on Friday. I mean, I got grounded and it wasn't even my idea. Well I suppose I could have, well should have stood my ground over going to Anna's party. In the end I suppose it was my fault, I shouldn't have given in to everyone's haranguing. Now instead of ending the whole dressing thing I was in the middle of an incident! What was even worse was that I don't remember half the night as I was in an alcoholic stupor.

"Hey Drew!" it was Anna calling me, I pretended not to hear her

"Drew, don't be like that, I want to apologise"

"Why? You got what you wanted and made an idiot out of me!" I fumed back

"Look Jules told me about your Dad grounding you and that, I really am sorry" and to be fair she did sound it.

"It wouldn't be so bad if I could remember half of it" I told her

"Oh boy! You really were out of it weren't you?" she replied

"Look I accept your apology, but I'm still grounded and just for peace of mind I'd like to know what I did or didn't do!"

"Ok, look I've got to get to class now but meet me by the science block at lunchtime and I'll tell you"

"Thanks Anna"

How can you stay angry with someone with hair that colour? I can still barely keep a straight face when I see her.

I tried to concentrate on my work for the rest of the morning but my need to find out about Wednesday was weighing heavily on my mind. Eventually the lunch bell sounded and I joined the mass exodus to eat. I found Anna waiting for me.

"How come you didn't ask Juliette?" Anna started

"She's not talking to me, she blames me for getting her grounded!"

"That's not on Drew" Anna agreed

"So what did I do?" I asked as we found a quiet corner to talk and eat.

"Well what do you remember?" she queried

"Obviously going to the 'Miners' and the chip shop. But not much after that until I woke up."

"Boy! You really did go! Okay do you remember putting on Mum's minidress?"

My blank look must have been enough reply.

"Well we pulled straws for forfeits, you got off lightly really."

"Why? what did everyone else have to do?"

I could see her contemplating whether to tell me.

"I guess I can tell you. Well Kazza had to shave her pubes, we pierced Kirsty's nose, Jules had to run down to the main road naked." I giggled, "Sonia had to drink three shorts in a minute, you got to dress like my mum when she goes clubbing, Charlie lost her eyebrows to my razor and I had to wear a nappy all night!" she finished.

"Who thought all those up?" I asked

"Well we each came up with one, Jules put in an extra one for you"

"I guess it could have been a lot worse than a dress" I allowed, "what happened after that?"

"Well we sat drinking cider and playing Cd's until about two then we went to bed"

"I didn't do anything embarrassing then?" I asked

"Well some of your dancing was seriously bad, but apart from that no. You want that tomato?"

"Here," I passed her the fruit, "at least I'll be able to look everyone in the eye"

"Yeah well apart from Kirsty, it was 'your' suggestion that got her nose pierced, her mum went ballistic too"

I felt sort of responsible.

"Tell her sorry, but at least she could take that out, I can't get this ring that Sylv put in out" I indicated the hoop in the top of my ear.

"You need special pliers, why don't you go and ask her to take it out?"

"I can't, I'm grounded remember?"

"Oh yeah. Well anyway I've got to go, see you later"

"I guess" I replied half heartedly to her departing back.

"Drew, get yourself down here!" Dad shouted me

With little enthusiasm I joined him in the living room.


Well you don't argue with Dave Bond when he's in this mood. I sat.

"Right young man, I've spoken to Anna's parents, they didn't know you had all been to the pub and I reckon just about now Anna will be getting a talking to. I spoke to your mother earlier and she is not amused either, she was all for flying home straight away but I convinced her that we could sort this out without her doing that. However she thinks I should punish you more"

I cringed in my seat

"Yes dad" no point in arguing

"I on the other hand think that you are being punished enough. I saw the look of fear on your face the other night and I know that it would have been very difficult for you to not go along, especially dressed as you were. Just so you know, Mum wanted to stop you racing as well."

"Thanks Dad. What about Jules?"

"Jules punishment stands but I doubt your Mum will let it lie. Now you had better go do that homework, we have to leave early tomorrow to get to your race"

"Yes Dad"

"Oh you'd better have this back too, but don't tell your sister"

I gratefully received my phone back

"Thanks Dad"

Being grounded for Juliette meant having to come down to Oxford with Dad and me, so she was in a right mood. Dad decided that we would stay down overnight so we were in the camper this morning, me in front with Dad and Jules in the back. The drive down was boring, motorway down to Northampton then across to Oxford, the race was actually at Didcot another dozen or so miles on.

This event was pretty unusual, the venue was the power station and the circuit uses the perimeter road. I was not in the best of humour, today but after coming all this way I had to give my best. We had plenty of time so I decided to polish my bike.


"What sis?"

"Look I'm sorry about Anna's right"

"Well I suppose it could have been worse, Anna told me about the other forfeits yesterday"

"You won't tell dad will you?" she had real fear in her voice

"I wasn't planning on it"

"Please don't, it was bad enough doing it, let alone half the town knowing" she pleaded

"Alright, I won't tell"


After clearing that up, jules became more animated and even helped with my bike.

"The race is thirty minutes plus five laps" the commissar told us, "lapped riders will be pulled out at the judges discretion. The bell will ring the lap before the sprints that will be on laps 6 and 12. The first lap is neutral then the race will start the first time you cross the line. Everyone ok with that?"

We all nodded. Much like I had been in Sheffield the other week I was in a race of 13 and 14 year olds, and some of these looked a bit handy. On the other hand I was the wild card for them too; none of them had met me in a race before so I could at least re-use tactics. We were waved off on the neutral lap and I started to assess my opposition. The circuit was flat all bar a trip over a railway bridge and basically had four corners with long straights in between. There was a chicane on the back straight and the bridge was on the second straight. Even on this first lap when there was supposed to be no racing, a pecking order was quickly appearing. I kept up near the front but it was clear that despite a good thirty rider field only about ten would be in contention, including me I hoped!

The flag dropped and straight away a couple of energetic types made a doomed attempt at escape. I maintained my position whilst avoiding showing any great talent, it was clear when we approached the chicane that the locals were going to try to give me a hard time. There was a bit of barging through the corners and I lost a couple of places, well two can play dirty! I regained my lost places during the next lap and this time I was ready for them, cutting inside when they were looking the other way for me.

I managed to keep out of trouble for the next couple of laps then the bell went for a 'prime' (sprint). I could see that a couple of lads were planning something, they were so obvious checking everyone out. When they went just after the chicane, what dozzey's, I clicked straight on the back. The two locals kept looking behind and as they eased before the last bend I took my chance around the outside, hugging the outside kerb along the straight. They wasted time crossing over to me and just got my wheel as I crossed the line. Drew 1 - Oxonians 0!

I sat up to recover and a quick glance confirmed that a core of about a dozen riders were just yards behind. Bide your time Drew. There was some muttering in the bunch and on lap seven they tried to take me out at the chicane again. I could tell something was afoot, I was well boxed but I was on the kerb side which gave me a potential escape route. I realised the plan just in time as they all braked harder than usual into the second corner of the chicane. I could brake hard in the corner and probably crash or do what I did. I heaved up and to the left and just managed to get my wheels on to the pavement, my back tyre skidding slightly on the kerb edge. My momentum barely slowed and I passed the now almost stopped posse who were still waiting for the crash. This means war!

I bunny hopped back onto the road and decided to get my revenge before the race was over. The next few laps whittled the field down, we lapped about ten back markers and I formulated a plan. By my computer clock the half-hour would be up about lap ten so that meant only three laps after the next sprint to the finish. I kept out of trouble making sure I had plenty of space on the corners, another attempt to unseat me was still on the cards.

Ding! Ding! Ding! I was right! Well here goes nothing, I sprinted hard out of turn 1 and over the bridge, I risked a glance behind and the Oxford Mafia were hard on my wheel. I kept the pace up, low over the bars, through two and there was the chicane! I could hear them behind me as we went into the first half, I kept my speed up then did an almost suicidal down change as I braked hard into the exit corner. My pursuers realised too late how much I had slowed and as I used my low gears to sprint away I heard the cacophony which marks a crash! I glanced back briefly to see the second little bunch passing the fallen and tangled Mafiosi, my plan was working! Drew 2 - Oxfordians 0

I could see a back marker in front and by the time I crossed the 'prime' (pronounced preem) line I was sure I would catch him on the bridge. Another glance behind revealed that I know had most of the finishing straight as a lead, this might just work! I caught the back marker just before the brow of the bridge and stayed on his wheel down the other side.

"Can you do bit and bit" I huffed to what I was surprised to find was a girl.

"Yeah" she replied

"Well I'll keep you unlapped, if you can help me a bit" I offered

"Ok. I'll try"

So we started doing bit and bit, I took longer turns but her short goes on front just let me rest enough. When we went through the chicane there were still a couple of lads trying to get their bikes going again, too late now! I kept my word, dropping a good ten metres back before we crossed the line then rejoining my helper before the bridge. For a girl she was riding really well, I don't mean that how it sounds, but she was taking it seriously unlike most girls I race against. By now we had nearly caught another two back markers, I checked behind for pursuers but they were now all riding for themselves and as a result not making much headway.

We caught the next pair through the chicane and put them between me and the bunch, very useful! I let my helper go ahead before the line then I got the bell, wow less than a lap. It was plain that she was tiring now and I took longer turns on the front.

"If I leave you after the chicane you won't have to do an extra lap"

"Ok and thanks for the help"

"No probs." I was feeling pretty cool

Through the chicane and I took off.

"See you at the finish" I heard her call

I had enough lead over the chasers that I didn't even sprint for the line. Yes! Drew 3 Oxformorons 0

I found Jules and Dad in the crowd and after my new found friend crossed the line I had time to watch the rest of the decimated field sprint in for the other places. I left my bike with Dad and headed for the showers. When I emerged Jules was waiting.

"Drew, the judges want to see you"

"What for?"

"I don't know, Dad's waiting with them.'

She led the way to where the commissar and the other judges were waiting with Dad.

"Drew, there's been a complaint from some of the others that you deliberately caused that crash." The commissar asked

"Why would I do that?" I am pretty good at innocent.

"Well can you tell us what happened, why did you brake when you did?"

"Okay. A couple of laps before I nearly crashed at the chicane so I thought I'd best keep out of trouble through there. When I got in the lead I was going flat out and realised at the last minute I wasn't going to make the exit corner so I braked hard. I heard the crash but that's all I know."

"Thanks Drew, can you wait with your Dad please"

"Yes sir" a bit of respect never goes amiss.

I stood with Dad fidgeting for over ten minutes. Would they strip me of the win? And if they did would I get a ban or something?

"There you are lad" the commissar greeted us, "the result stands, and some witnesses have confirmed your story, in fact they say you had to do some acrobatics there on one lap. Well done, we had to look into it, but we never thought it likely that someone with your parentage would do something like that"

Little did he know!

After the presentation, I got a trophy and a total of £50; I was surprised when a pretty girl came up to me.

"Hi Drew, thanks for helping me out there" she beamed at me

"Oh that's alright erm?" I answered

"Oh sorry, I'm Kristen, Kristen Oakey"

"Well I should thank you Kristen, I probably wouldn't have won without your help"

"Anytime" she stated, "you really showed that lot up, they're used to bullying everyone round here, they do it every race"

"Well my Mum is always telling me that if you always race against the same people you get in a sort of rut" I informed my new friend.

"I've just realised who your mum is, it's Jenny Bond isn't it?"

"Yeah" I replied proudly

Kristen came to talk Kristen came over to congratulate me.

"Wow she is just so cool! She's my hero, I keep a scrapbook and I got an autographed picture from the team too." Kristen was fawning over my Mum!

"Kristen, we're going now" a voice called

"Have to go Drew, see you around"

"Yeah, bye Kristen"

"Who was that Drew?" Jules asked coming up behind me

"Kristen Oakey, she helped me in the race"

"I think I ought to tell Maddy you've got a new girlfriend!"

"Have not!" I replied taking a swipe at her which she easily dodged

"Okay, okay" she retreated holding her hands up

"Any way she seemed more interested in Mum when she realised we were related"

"Poor Drew, come on we're going into Oxford to eat"

Gaby: BOOK 2 Summer Girl*Part 8-Girls Will Be Girls

"Hi Jules, Hi Gaby!" Anna enthused as we crossed the threshold.

"Hi Anna" Jules replied

"Er thanks for inviting me" I offered

"No sweat. You both look terrific" Anna continued, "everyone else is here, so come on through"

I sheepishly followed my sister into the lounge where the others were sat talking over a Madonna CD. I felt a little overdressed what with my hair up and the sandals, they were wearing much more casual stuff.

"Hi everyone" Jules greeted them, "this is my cousin Gaby" she introduced me. Why am I everyone's cousin?

Gaby BOOK 2 Summer GirlPart 76 Gabicon!

Dad starting the car woke me up and the sunlight streaming into the room ensured that sleep would not be returning. I glanced at the clock,

urgh, half seven! I decided to go for a ride before the day warmed up

too much and I didn't think the neighbours would appreciate me starting

on the lawn at this hour either.

I was at least in a better mood this morning and I was quickly into a

pleasant mile-eating mode. Perhaps it's the weather but even the

motorists are being more considerate this morning! It was just before

nine when I got home, plenty early enough to shower, breakfast and cut

Gaby: BOOK 2 Summer Girl-Part 6-Countdown

Well my email from Britney was like a full on girls gossip session! It
really did seem that I was only getting the significance of about a
quarter of what she was saying, another chunk was devoted (I think) to
what I assume was the current teen fashions of Grottoes! Apparently
plaid (?) was out, short was in and don't you just hate those baggy
pants! I was having a bit of a problem with the English translation so
I got Bernie to decipher.

"I think plaid is what we call tartan,"


"Short is short I guess, " she continued

"What else"
"And I suppose she means trousers or jeans when she

. . .And Fifty Cents For Your Soul

. . .And Fifty Cents For Your Soul

  'Mad Dog' Jansen stomped down the polluted beach, kicking driftwood and whatever else got in his way with his size 14 combat boots. He smiled for a moment at the memory of how that pansy quarterback for the Saints had looked after he'd 'accidentally' snapped his throwing arm, the pain in his eyes before he'd passed out. It had been a clean hit but Jansen knew he'd angled himself to inflict the maximum amount of damage.

...And Never Brought to Mind

What the song means, my dears...

"...And Never Brought to Mind..."

by Donna Lamb

I found her in a back booth on New Years Eve in the sleaziest lesbian bar in town, Diamond Jill's on the south side. Two heavy-faced bulls sat eyeing her from their table so I approached with caution. She waved her drink at me to let me know she'd seen me and it was okay to talk to her.

1 Northeast Passage Bound


1 Northeast Passage Bound


Just one more year to go for my Bachelors’ in Mining Engineering, the school year has ended but shortly I leave on my internship.

10 Types of People

There are 10 types of people. Male and Female.
                                                                                        By Fyre Mei

  • A short revenge based sci-fi stand-alone story for ADULTS only.

2 Interruptions and Early Arrivals


2 Interruptions and Early Arrivals


As the couple journey south toward the tree line and winters shelter the sled driver(Luki) reflects both the weather and on his recent meeting with one of the fine Ministers of Parliament (universally known as MPs in Canada).

3 Dealing with Necessities



3 Dealing with Necessities


To many of us it seems as if our best ideas come to us in our sleep, and sometimes the light of day will make clear that perhaps that idea was not the best. Be that as it is, Luki’s dreams worried at the problem of transporting two souls with a four dog team, or was that one soul with a five dog team.

4 In the Heat of the Night


4 In the Heat of the Night


Indeed she is now a simpler soul, a female working dog and one that the team leader has claimed as his own, unknown to her she is already in heat, and has been for half a lunar cycle, nature has set her up for more than one experience of a life time.

5 Pregnant Pauses


5 Pregnant Pauses


The heat and itching are gone now. My mate still guards me while I eat and lays next to me but no longer does he roll me or try to mount me. Dim memories tell me that what I have enjoyed comes and goes, that I will enjoy it again. Part of me wonders, how long?

6 Dealing with Humanity


6 Dealing with Humanity


Time has come to see if she has survived, I move the pups out of the pen, they are used to living outside my quarters by now, I hold Arnatsiq around the neck speak calmly to her, I do not know if any humanity remains, it has been months.

7 Lost or Found


7 Lost or Found


What am I doing here, short answer, I’m alive. Perhaps the better question is who am I? I have a passport that does not match me. My answers last night show that my soul, the part of me that will continue on from this life to the next, was the owner of the passport.

8 And Life Goes On


8 And Life Goes On


Two years have passed, I have returned to school, the Kivalliq Mine Training Society having accepted me and I now work as an instrumentation technician.

9 Postscript Links and source material used in the development of this story:


9 Postscript Links and source material used in the development of this story:

A Business Opportunity

A Business Opportunity
By Julie O

Greg Johanson meets an old high school friend who presents him with a lifechanging proposition.

Plus, a teaser of the first three chapters of "Coeds," coming soon to this site.

A Cat's Tale

A Cat’s Tale

Julie O

Derek's fascination with transformations led him to Dr. Minda Stewart and a chance that led beyond his wildest dreams.



It all started when my sister went to University I was one year older than her and had not bothered to continue with my education. I was having too much fun doing nothing and living at home for free! Our parents are rich, my dad has a successful import business and my mom owns several beauty salons and spas. They are seldom home and I get the run of our house all day alone. Dad has tried to get me to go to work for him but I’m just not interested and mom just nags me for not doing something with my life. Karen my sister is the ambitious one always trying to be the best and usually succeeding at it. My only ambition was to surf the net, play video games and watch T.V. till I got bored, despite my relaxed life style I was still fairly fit for I ate the right foods and took all the vitamins that I needed to stay in good health. I was not a muscle bound jock by any means but I was no wimp either, I tried to be fit for I was shorter than most guys my age standing only 5’5”. I was bugged in school and maybe that was the reason for me not wanting to continue my schooling. Karen was the same height as me and she thought it was no big deal to be short, it was easy for her to say that she was a girl and cute. A short guy gets no respect and is usually always the last one to get a date.

A Change in Season Brings A Decision

Today marks the end of spring and the beginning of summer and just like the changing of seasons I myself have reached a point where I too must make a change. It won't be an easy choice and I find myself at a park near our home siting on a bench lost in thought. I only have a couple of hours before I am due back home and give my girlfriend the decision I have made. "Having a good day?" I hear a soft friendly voice say. I hadn't really noticed the woman sit down at the other end of the bench. "Ohhh, ok, I guess." with hesitation. "You looked so deep in thought I couldn't help but ask." she replied. I half smiled and told her "Well, It's really a long story but I have to make a big choice and I am torn about it." She looked into my eyes and with compassion said "Hey, maybe I can help, my friends tell me I'm a good listener and I have plenty of time this afternoon."

A Christmas Visit

A Christmas Visit

The early winter storm raged, slashing and tearing with icy blades at the weary Christmas decorations along the street vainly trying shine though the wintery onslaught. Ice glazed the poorly heated apartment windows erasing all signs of the holiday season as the storm howled.

A Day in the Life

"Damned Ponch and Fleischman, why did they have to do that experiment, life used to be so predictable," I muttered to myself most every morning. I put on my hat and coat and hopped off to work being careful not to catch my tail in the door. Cars were impractical when the intelligent form of life was descended from kangaroos. "At least this is better than yesterday when everyone was hyper-intelligent amphibians. I can still taste those flies, yuck!"

A Day with the Champion

A Day with the Champion

by Arcie Emm

It was said that amongst the denizens of the palace, only Emperor Cintarian enjoyed the day known by some as Audience Day, and to most others as Judgment Day. Yet not because of the power that he could wield over his subjects, that power did not need a special day to manifest. No he enjoyed Audience Day because everyone else was so busy that, except for the three hours devoted to dressing before and conducting the audience, most of his day would be free to pursue passion of the moment, currently that being painting.

Amongst everyone else no such benefit could be found. For the nobility, it often served as a bitter reminder that despite their great powers, so too could they be judged. For the bureaucrats who enriched themselves by controlling access to the emperor, it was a day where their wealth did not grow and strict were the lessons against those who tempted to sell a time slot on that day, as the seller often found himself taking it to be judged himself. For the Emperor’s Chosen, the day was one of worry, with everyone having the right to have their cause heard, the palace gates were opened wide to those without security clearance and who were often angry. For the palace servants, there were the additional guests to house and feed, never mind the disgusting task of cleaning the Audience Chamber’s floor after certain judgments. And for the Champion, well he hated having his routine changed.

Ghastly to be woken before sun up. Yet what else could he do, on this day of any day, he needed to be ready to do his duty. So early morning found him in his private gymnasium stretching and running through simple forms to loosen muscles, ensuring his body would not betray him that day. Then to the masseuse table to loosen tightness in his left calf muscle, before a full body massage, with aromatic oils, left his golden skinned body glistening with health. A body so unlike any that have previously laid upon that table in the champion’s quarters.

Even different than Agnes Dubrovsky, the champion who had started him on his improbable path to this day. Hatchet face and with a body little different than the those she defeated to earn the position, her victory had shocked the worlds of the Empire. None more than the Felintin, home of many past champions, where the belief was that Agnes only won because Empress Ceelasion wished to have a female champion. There was a great deal of outrage.

But not at the dueling salon of Werther Kelimon champion of the Canton of Sedicrew, who despite being a wonderful teacher constantly lost his most gifted students to schools run by those of greater renown. He saw it as an opportunity to differentiate himself from better known schools, yet even he was too hidebound to open his doors to a female student. Instead he had keyed upon Nilson Fegrew, winner of the canton’s last two Youth Fencing Tournaments. His skill being the only thing keeping Nilson from being the butt of every joke for being to pretty for a boy. Informed of the offer, Nilson had begged and cajoled his father into selling his personal bond to Master Wether, hoping escape from the boredom of life on their farm.

Years later, Nilson often found himself wondering if he would have been so eager had he been aware of Werther’s plans for his new bondsman. Usually Nilson could convince himself the answer was no.

Yet sometimes, when life weighed heavy, he was not sure. Nilson still remembered the universal shock when The Scepter, along with the Empress and her champion, was lost in space. It had been almost two years into his studies, not long after he stopped denying what was being done to his body, and Kelimon had decided to end the experiment upon learning the new Emperor Cintarian’s Champion was a man. Both fearful of what would happen if cut adrift and eager to continue his studies, Nilson had reluctantly embraced what had been done to him and used it to worm his way into the Werther’s arms. Earning himself a permanent place, Nilson proved a most apt pupil on the mats of both the salon and Master Werther’s bedroom. Having been so willing to exploit something he had previously fought against, it was not hard to imagine that he would have accepted the master’s offer even if fully aware of the man’s plan.

Finished with his massage, Nilson wrapped himself into a robe, moved to a table, and began to eat the simple meal that had been set upon it. Eating the unflavoured noodles and seared squid, while washing it down with a specially prepared drink, was the last step to preparing his body for what may come that day. He would have preferred to do it in quiet solitude, but there was no time, so he did stop his body servants as they began to work on his appearance for the day. Truthfully, though he never said it aloud, he found their gentle fingers rather soothing.

First they worked on the golden hair, which during his days on the beginner circuits had earned him fame beyond his skills with a sword. Long and straight, it brushed the floor at the back of the chair on which he sat. Completely inappropriate though it seemed for his chosen profession, it served a purpose. As Jelynn brushed the hair away from his face, to begin creating a thick braid, Terise began to attach small tablets, a centimeter square of ivory, silver, gold, copper, brass, or steel. Personal marks of those he had defeated in his career, it was these that demanded his hair be so long, for all to fit. They only left enough length in which to weave a metal weight, that with a sudden spin could leave an opponent stunned.

Nilson’s bowls were empty long before his hair was complete, so closing his eyes he brought himself into a meditative state. One that was not broken even as Terise began to paint his face, both enhancing its beauty and forming a haughty mask he could hide behind. At the same time lacquered his  long nails with a burnished copper, creating never used, though welcome weapons of last defense.

Only as they moved away did he open his eyes. Knowing they would return with his uniform, he stood to perform another form, testing that his braid did not bring unbalance. Spinning to a stop he saw them watching him, a question in their eyes. Speaking for the first time that day, in his surgically created soprano voice, Nilson said, “Perfectly done ladies.”

Smiling, they moved forward to dress him. An activity that did not require involve much. His uniform was the result of years of experimentation and though not as exotic as most, for instance he had fought for over a year wearing nothing but paint, it hid little. Wary though he had been when he first adopted it, believing greater dignity should be shown as Emperor’s Champion, he had quickly grown to enjoy its fit. Nor had it been as big of economic hit as he had worried. Admittedly the licensing fees he received from the sale of vids from his fights had dropped, vids that had made him such a hit behind closed doors, but they had been offset by sales of his holographs that were more socially acceptable to display.

Armour being useless against vibra-blades. Nilson wore a sleeveless tunic of feather-lite, white silk embroidered with golden thread around its short skirt and collar, which slithered over wonderful curves as he moved. Underneath there was even less, just a small silken thong, which offered distracting glimpses to an opponent.

Yet most would be surprised to learn the flatness it covered was little different than what was hidden under the trousers of most of the top duelists. Recognizing the potential weakness to blows between their legs, many underwent a surgical procedure that created pouch inside their body in which they could tuck themselves, somewhat safely, away. Admittedly they would not stay tucked away for the extended periods that were normal for Nilson, nor have his cosmetic enhancements, but the idea was the same.

On his feet were boots of Interium raptor leather dyed a gold colour. No longer were they thigh high, as earlier in his career. He found that those limited his flexibility and speed. Now he wore ones that were knee-high and only covered his shins, leaving narrow straps encircling the back of his legs, which minimized the sweat and the sloshy feeling that could occur during a fight. However, he had not gotten rid of the ten centimeter high heels from those original boots. He found the added height brought him closer to eye-level with those he fought, plus the deutuxon stilettos were another surprise he had put to good use.

Twisting and turning in front of a full length mirror, Nilson ensured everything was perfect before offering his thanks to and receiving well wishes from his ladies. Then opening the door he moved out into the sitting lounge of his quarters, where he spotted a older man dozing in a chair. Smiling, he crossed the floor, leaned over to plant a quick kiss on a cheek, and say, “Time to wake up Master.”

“What? Oh, I’m not asleep girly, just resting my eyes.”

“Yeah, right.”

Through it all Nilson had kept Werther Kelimon at his side. No longer lovers, they had moved even beyond mentor and pupil to become best friends. Mutually and wordlessly they usually left the past buried, both what the man had done to the boy and the payment the no-longer boy had later offered to stay. Werther continued to prepare his pupil for what he would face with sword in hand, but rarely offered advice about life. Though he was always there to offer support when decisions made did not to consequences sought. With Werther, unlike with everybody else including himself, Nilson was content being a lovely girl.

Rising to his feet, with the grace of a Master Swordsman, Werther picked up a belt and scabbard, matching Nilson`s boots, and offered, “Shall I?”

“No it bruises the silk of my tunic, can you hold it for me?”

“Of course my dear. Will you wear your cape?”

“I can’t very well ignore a gift of the Emperor’s.”

“No you can’t. Here let me help you with it.” He agreed, before draping the cloak of white satin and gold trim over the champion’s shoulders. Then as Nilson fastened the golden clasp, fashioned in the shape of the Emperor’s phoenix, the older man pulled the long braid free. “Honestly I don’t know how you manage this thing, it weighs a ton.”

“Hardly. But I am so used to it that I would be hopelessly unbalanced without it.”

“Like the raptor whose boots you wear after your accidentally shot off its tail?”

“Very funny. Have you heard what is on the docket?”

“Rumours imply that it is a light load and that your services will not be needed. Still I don’t like rumours and wish I could get more from those damned paper pushers. They are under the impressions that you are sort of on the outs with the emperor and do not believe it is worth their time to talk to me.”

”They’re right. The two of us have nothing in common and in bed we’re both too subby for the other’s enjoyment.”

“I`m sorry.”

“Not your fault old man. After your time I spent too much time seeking love from those who were afraid of me. In seeking to quell their fears it became natural to let myself be controlled. It’s better when the Empress is with us, she naturally takes charge.”

Embarrassed at where the conversation had gone and still feeling guilty, Werther mumbled, “We better go if we are to make it on time.”


Striding together through the halls of the palace, Werther seemed to fade away, silent of step and shrunken of appearance, as the Amazon beside him drew all attention. As was proper. Soon they entered the mostly full Audience Chamber, ignoring all stares as they moved to take their place at the side of the dais upon which sat two empty thrones. Their wait was short, as almost immediately a fan fare was followed by the entrance of the royal couple, both showing well-bred loveliness. Even the Emperor, though his was a strangely masculine form of beauty.

After his comments to Werther, Nilson was pleased to see that the Empress’s return from the planet of Vernigar, where she had been visiting her family. But now was not the time to think about bridging his relationship with the Emperor, for his tunic would too easily display those thoughts. Better to focus on the droning major domo.

Soon bored with this and the cases being brought forward, he joined in the activity of most in the audience, studying each other. Scanning the crowd his eye was drawn to a red cloak, but of course is was not Dugus von Majoriol, he existed only in Nilson’s past.

Of all his lovers, art loving Dugus had come the closest to being something, but like Werther he had ended up becoming more mentor than companion. Not in the arts of war, but in those of being a woman. It had been Dugus who seen that he learned the manner of a lady, who had planned and payed for the body sculpting that had given Nilson the face and body of what Dugus called a devilish angel. Yet these changes had caused the end of their physical relationship, Dugus had been more interested in the previously angular and still boyish Nilson. They had soon completely parted ways.

A year later Nilson had spent most of week red-eyed, after hearing that Dugus has died in speeder crash with his latest prodigy.

The sound of raised voices pulled his attention away from the man in the red cloak and to the case being argued and that was the correct word. Quickly he determined that it was a tax case, the boy who tried to be old enough to be a man, argued on his family’s behalf trying to explain away their arrears so they did not lose their farm. But despite his passion, Nilson could see that the prosecutor, who embarrassed the boy with a blatant description of his father’s drunkenness and gambling problems, would win the day.


...and there it was.

“I seek final judgment.”

With those words, boredom faded from amongst the audience. This is why they were there, hopeing to see the champion at work. Even to just cut down some farm boy who played with the vibra-blade sword so common throughout the empire, a weapon of personal safety, yet useless in revolt against the blasters of the Imperial Army. While they leaned forward, Nilson sighed and reached up to undo the phoenix clasp. Not looking back, knowing it would be caught by Werther, he stuck out a hand waiting for that worthy to slap the hilt of his own blade into palm.

Moving forward, he stopped at the throne, when the emperor gestured, “Disarm him first, I would make an offer.”

“Yes Sire.”

Stepping into the open space in front of the thrones, Nilson studied the boy. Apparently shocked at his own actions he dully studied the swords available for those seeking justice. Finally he took one, sobbed a deep breath and moved in front of Nilson.

Looking across at the scared face Nilson knew that this fight would supply no personal mark to join the others in his hair, yet he offered the full duelists salute. It cost him nothing, while offering respect for the boy’s courage. But that was all that Nilson was willing to offer, he could not make what followed into more of a fight, that would be disrespectful to Werther and all those like him. Still the lightning strike that usually followed a disarming was slow enough to be interrupted.

“Hold my Champion. Young man, I am impressed by your passion and bravery, if not by your intelligence. Yet I offer you a deal, give yourself to my army for an enlistment of ten years and I will wipe out the arrears of your family. This time.”

Falling almost over himself in a bow, the boy could not agree fast enough. Then triumphantly he walked from the room with the Sergeant-at-Arms, off to his new life, while thinking the smiles of the audience were for him. Nilson wondered how long it would take the boy to remember the Emperor’s use of “this time” and realize that his family’s farm would soon be once more doomed by his father’s actions.

Another gesture brought Nilson to stand beside the pleased Emperor’s throne, instead of off to the side. This time with sword still in hand Nilson paid more attention to the next cases, that attention turning the cases quite academic. Soon his attention wandered back to the boy’s bravery.

It made him wonder if he had shown the same bravery, when first he had decided to seduce Werther, how different his life would be. Looking back, he now knew that at that point he had barely dipped his toe in the pool of femininity. Maybe he would have been able to return to the farm, find his own wife, maybe even be happy. Maybe...yes, tonight he would remove himself from his pouch, take Terise or Jelynn, possibly both, to bed and remind himself what it was to be a man. Smiling at the thought his eye was drawn to the couple entering the room and moving to a pair of seats.

The man’s type was obvious, even if he did not know his name Nilson knew him to be a duelist, like those whose marks adorned his braid. But it was the woman who took his breath away, petite and beautiful, he was shocked to see Valentina deBroge, the last of his lover mentors. It had been she who had raised him up to be champion and she who completely torn away the doors holding back his submissiveness in bed. Primed to her presence his response immediately manifested as twin points showing through the silk of his tunic.

Almost instantaneously vid cameras were focussed upon him. But those observant reporters were not the only one to notice the Champion’s reaction to the new arrivals. So too did the Emperor, who frowned before reaching out to possessively grasp and caress a gleaming thigh, below the short skirt of white tunic.

The surprising firmness of the Emperor’s touch, combined with Valentina’s presence, even the knowledge that his reaction would be broadcast into every home of the empire was heady stuff. Dreamily closing his eyes, he could not stop the purr that escaped between his parted lips. All thoughts of Terise or Jelynn were wiped from his mind, right then he could only think about being taken by the Emperor.

Tomorrow he would remember Valentina’s smirk as she studied his reaction. Remember back to when the two of them had come to observe Audience Day, while they had still been together.

Tomorrow he would begin to think about defeating her latest paramour.

The End


Sometimes a character pops into my head and seems so perfect, yet closer study shows gaps through which I can drive a truck. Nilson was such a character who marched into my thoughts a few days ago shouting at me to write a story about his life. Yet quickly I realized it would become repetitive within itself. Instead I decided upon this approach, hinting at instead of reliving. So in a night I basically tried to write a portrait. Caught in a moment, but somewhat distanced.

And in my mind’s eye the visual portrait I saw was of Corson brenn Torisk, a character created by J.F.Rivkin and drawn in the following picture, possibly by Luis Royo:

A Different Kind of Freedom

Andy's participation in an escape from a German POW camp forces him to re-evaluate his life.

A Dog's story

Disclaimer: This is fiction. All the characters and events portrayed here are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely accidental and unintentional  As always my thanks go out to Hope and Holly for helping proof and generally make this readable. Another big thanks goes to Paula who for some reason puts up me and my insane ranting about story ideas, Thanks Love! Any remaining errors, or mistakes are mine! Sometime back I wrote a story based on our cat. My loved one challenged me that since I had written one about the cat, it was the dog's turn. Well, here is my best shot at it, Enjoy!

A Dollar Short

There was a time when I could get excited about things the way Stephanie does. I would have given anything then to travel to places where no one had ever gone. That was before I realized people like me would always be limited in our scope and couldn’t be adventurous.

A Dream of Dragons

Title page for

A Dream of Dragons by Grover

A Dream of Dragons Part 1

Disclaimer: This is fiction. All the characters and events portrayed here are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely accidental and unintentional  A big thanks goes out to Paula for helping proof and generally make this readable. Another big thanks goes to Cathy who pre-read this. Any remaining errors, or mistakes are mine!   Enjoy!

A Dream of Dragons

Part 1 of 3


A Dream of Dragons Part 2

Disclaimer: This is fiction. All the characters and events portrayed here are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely accidental and unintentional  A big thanks goes out to Paula for helping proof and generally make this readable. Another big thanks goes to Cathy who pre-read this. Any remaining errors, or mistakes are mine!   Enjoy!

PS: It's been brought to my attention that others have helped with this one too. Please accept my apologies for forgetting to credit the wonderful help you've given me, Hope, Janice and others! Thank you! 

A Dream of Dragons Part 3

Disclaimer: This is fiction. All the characters and events portrayed here are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely accidental and unintentional  A big thanks goes out to Paula and Cathy for helping proof and generally make this readable. Another big thanks goes to Ariel who Beta-read this. Any remaining errors, or mistakes are mine!   Enjoy!

A Dream of Dragons
Final Chapter
3 of 3



Dimitri and Octavia waited impatiently, as Gregory watched the recordings of their unhappy guest. His sister had been born deaf, and Gregory could not only sign, but read lips.

A Flat Iron

My story begins on spring day just after my 30th birthday. I learned when I was still a teenager that I was transvestite and had long since come to except it. I also new that I never intended to leave home cross-dressed. I was way too much of a coward to go out in public, not that I couldn't pass for a woman. I had always watched my weight and kept my hair long. I couldn't get into wigs, I wanted to be more real, My legs were ok and I kept my body hair shaved. I even used moisturizer on my face and body lotion to look a little softer. I thinned my brows a little and used a little peroxide to lighten them so I could redo them with a eyebrow pencil. Nothing to give me away though, no one knew about my girlie secret.

A Fresh Start

We could all use a fresh start and for Paul, this is just what he needs.

Things don't go quite the way he expected however...

My sincere apologies for all of you who have read this with the ending all upside-down. I hope I have rectified the error - Nick B

A Great Shift Tale- For Daniel

For Daniel - A Great Shift Tale
By Danielle J

Thank you to my editor, Steve Zink, for his editing and proofreading.

I'd also like to thank Dr. Debra Jones and the staff of St. Mary's Hospital.


NICU - Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. A treatment facility for infants born before full term.

Term - When a pregnant woman reaches week 37 or more in her pregnancy. Forty is considered normal. If a mother reaches forty-two weeks labor will be induced.

HOM - High Order Multiples. Triplets or more.

Perinatologist - A high-risk obstetrician. Triplet pregnancies are automatically high risk.

A Lack, A Lass

Now Angus loved women; he loved the clothes they wore, the 
way they smelled and the way they looked. But he loved
Timmy more and his greatest wish in life was to find his
way to Timmy's heart

A Life Changing Experience!

A Life Changing Experience!
by mittfh
Copyright © 2010 Ben Norwood.
This story is licensed with a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

(N.B. Just in case it isn't absolutely obvious, this is a virux hoax parody. Please do NOT redistribute this via email!)

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A Little Help From My Friend

A little help from my friend.

By Megumi-chan

What would you do if I sang out of tune,

Would you stand up and walk out on me?
Lend me your ears and I'll sing you a song

And I'll try not to sing out of key.
Oh, I get by with a little help from my friend
Mm, I get high with a little help from my friend
Mm, gonna try with a little help from my friend

A Matter of Justice

The sequel to "Turning the Tables". Halloween left Rachel Henley with a life she'd only dreamed of, but even dreams can have consequences.

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A Perfect Match?
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Can a young college grad, a 450-year-old pirate, a pair of magic jewels, multiple transformations, history, old movies, costumed role playing, and a trusted employee's greed mix together to create true romance?

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Gene receives and unexpected gift.

A Safe Place

A Safe Place

Tina looked at herself in her wedding gown, and tried to hide her nervousness. She could hear the voices from her past, calling her the names she heard so often as a child.

A strange woman entered the room, and somehow, neither her bridesmaid nor her mother-in-law seemed to think that was odd. The woman came over to Tina, and said to her, “You are afraid”

Somehow, Tina could not lie to this stranger, and said “Terrified. What if I cant make him happy in bed? What if after all this, he decides he can’t sleep with a former man?”

“I think you need to remember how you met.”

She touched Tina on the forehead, and suddenly….

Then …

A Shift In Reality

BY Roni

It was a Tuesday like any other day is sunny California, the Santa Anna winds were blowing and of course the fear of forest fires was high, I was stuck in traffic as I made my way to work. I had landed a fantastic job working with the Department of Defense as a data analyst, my hard work in school and my ability to learn languages paid off with this job. I tuned in my radio to the news station trying to see if they would tell us why the traffic was so backed up, at this rate it would take me two hours to get to work. The reporter was talking about some accident that had happened at the Malibu turn off as well as the usual road repair that was closing down the lanes. Traffic moves slow but steady so I managed to inch my way past the accident and though the lane closures. Finally the speed picked up and I was cruising nicely, I made my exit off the hi-way and headed towards Los Angeles. The office building was located in south LA which I thought was funny seeing that most of the illegal’s lived there.

A Shootist Disarmed

A Shootist Disarmed

by Arcie Emm

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Thank you very much to Puddintane, Renee M, and Stanman for reviewing this concoction for me.

Chapter 1 - Ms. Dupensk

Bursting forth from Transition, the exploration ship detected a habitable planet, causing her pilot to begin dreaming about spending his discovery bonus. Drifting closer, as his ship’s sensors collected more data, those plans grew less ambitious. He determined that it held an abundance of minerals, yet few were rare and those were buried under deep seas. He had found a water planet, where the only livable space was islands, none of them large enough to hold a decent sized city. Bitter at his discovery’s apparent uselessness, particularly to himself, the pilot named the planet Pyrite, fool’s gold.

His judgement proved correct; few paid attention to his find. The main reaction coming from the clerk at the Interstellar Discovery and Charting Partnership while drafting the official chart entry, when he cursed the unimaginative predictability of exploration pilots and officially designated the planet Pyrite 23.

Its brief flirtation with civilization over, the planet returned to obscurity. The next period of forgetfulness passed in an eye-blink to the planet, but lasted over nine centuries for humanity. Not until another, more fortunate, exploration pilot found a nearby band of asteroids, dense in rare minerals, did Pyrite 23 find a purpose, at least to the mining companies intending to exploit the new find.

Recognizing how loneliness, danger, and the emptiness of space could prey on a miner’s thoughts, these companies operated ten day shifts before removing a miner for four days of R&R, which posed a problem for the frugal employers,  where to send them. Transportation to nearby settled worlds seemed a reasonably priced option; however, it came with complete loss of control over the men. Instead of arriving for transport back to the asteroids, many ended up in jails, hospitals, or somewhere lost in drunken stupor. The second option involved contracting pleasure ships. This solved the control problem, but at greater expense. So whenever possible, they found a relatively close, uninhabited world, then built and operated their own facilities. Pyrite 23 fit those requirements perfectly.

Crews descended upon the planet, chose likely islands and built facilities. By the time any of the miners showed up, there was already a frontier port, complete with bars, dance halls, theatres, inns, restaurants, and brothels. Yet unlike most such ports, usually on planets that were empty due to inhospitable weather, beasts, pests, or foliage, Pyrite 23 did not require a protective dome. The temperate climate of the islands made the outside enjoyable, opening unusual opportunities for recreation and entertainment on what would otherwise have been an ordinary miner’s R&R haven.

These more wholesome activities kept the port from taking on the dingy and run down atmosphere so common amongst its kind. Soon people other than the miners started choosing Pyrite 23 as a place to visit. First came the management of the mining companies, and then those seeking adventure upon its seas.

Yet these advantages could not keep the planet going when the asteroid mining operations dried up. Pyrite 23 depended upon the operating funds from the mining companies, the money spent by the miners, and the fees paid by the few adventurous tourists. However, instead of allowing the planet to again fade into obscurity, an entertainment conglomerate purchased the entire operation. With free rein upon the planet, they built resorts and theme parks, often spanning multiple islands. Yet the massive casinos proved the biggest draw, turning the planet into a destination for the masses. And like that first pilot, most who broke free of Transition had dreams of fools gold.

Not all. For those who did not seek short-cuts to wealth, lucrative employment contracts existed, particularly for attractive women. Management recognized the temptation that the seeming availability of beautiful women offered to men, who hoped, though usually failed, to get lucky in more ways than one, even though they usually failed. Old school thinking perhaps, but nobody denied the profits. Thus the passengers aboard the Siren’s Cove Employee Transit Tram could cause a visitor from Darson to go into seizures, as he tried to decide at whom to look.

Even the more worldly would find it difficult not to gawk. So the casino minimized the gawking, here where nothing could be earned, by keeping tourists off the employee trams. As for male employees, most grew used to the feminine richness in which they lived, preferring to spend their commute like anybody else, anywhere else in the universe. This day, like most days, the tram’s passengers, male or female, engaged in sleep, reading, or quiet talk with seatmates. All except one, who sat upright, alone, and stared fiercely out the window at the passing seas.

Like many of the tram’s passengers, she required a second look. That look would show her older than first glance implied, but her beauty had a warmth to it, though somewhat cool at the moment. A frequent visitor or a fellow employee would think her a dealer, probably in one of the more expensive rooms, until she stood, showing her height, leanness, and grace, and then they would recognize her as a dancer, probably in one of the stage productions. At one time they would have been right. Nearly twenty years before, when Ellene Dupensk had first arrived on Pyrite, she’d danced as a chorus girl at Flickers, a small casino pulled down twelve years ago. From Flickers she had moved to larger casinos, until she’d reached Siren’s Cove, where they’d recognized talents of greater worth than those of a showgirl.

She provided a calming influence over her often high-strung colleagues, being a natural peace-maker, problem solver, and confidante. So despite never having had children of her own, they contracted to use her natural mothering instincts, first for the dancers but then, over the years, for all who worked at the casino.

Very much upper management now, she only rode the tram in order to allow employees to approach her with their problems, which was not happening on this particular day. Everyone saw the anger in her eyes and knew the cause behind it; the disagreement between her and the new head of marketing having served as recent grist for the rumour mills, a test of wills that everybody knew she’d lost. They also knew that today was the start of the new marketing gimmick dreamed up by the winner, and that Ms. Ellene rode along to judge its impact, harshly from all appearances.

Nobody would call her a prude, she had spent much of her time on stage wearing nothing more than a headdress, heels, and a smile. Nor did she complain about the costumes her girls wore at the casino, despite how little most covered. But both situations occurred under the watchful eye of casino security, not as the girls made their way to and from work, away from any real protection. She cared less that many of the girls wore similar things on their own, Siren‘s Cove‘s had no responsibility for those bad decisions. However, the casino did have responsibility for what she saw today as the tram crossed the chain of four islands housing the majority of the planet’s single women. Every time she spotted another example of what that smarmy pervert, Elston Dinwald, claimed would ‘showcase’ the beauty of their female employees, Ellene’s teeth clenched a little tighter. She admitted Dinwald and his staff had done a fine job of choosing candidates. Each girl wearing one of the new outfits numbered amongst the casino’s most beautiful, so none of them needed the garish styling of a tasteless pimp to showcase their beauty.

The new outfits were hideous.

Dinwald had started on the right track, the rompers and mini-dresses were the same as those worn by the waitresses in the casino’s premier nightclub, The Pearl. They hugged curves and she had always liked them, particularly their colour, a deep midnight blue . If they had stopped there, she would have dismissed most of her fears. Instead, the new ‘genius’ decided to make them sexier by cutting away additional material to show more skin. Even worse, they’d garishly emblazoned ‘Siren’s Cove’ in large, glittery silver lettering across the back of each girl. They embarrassed her, making her wonder how much of a bonus they’d had to pay to convince the girls to wear such eyesores.

So ridiculous were the outfits she found herself questioning if she had blown everything out of proportion, since the new outfits were so over-the-top as to minimize their actual allure. Such thoughts were brushed aside as they pulled into the next station and she spotted the dark haired girl waiting to board in a too-tight romper, complete with a belly button-exposing neckline and a bottom that gave only a half-assed effort at coverage.

Protests to the contrary, mothers often feel more protective of one child over the others and Ellene wasn’t any different from most. As much as she hated what the seasoned employees were wearing today, she had some confidence that most of her girls could handle the additional burden of their outfits. She felt much less confident about the pretty, little miss on the platform, proudly perched atop high-heeled boots like some junior member of the streetwalker sisterhood. Despite a personal history that had shocked Ellene to read, the child had the survival instincts of a lemming, seeming always willing to follow someone over a cliff.

Instead of the scowl she had directed at the previous bonus seekers, Ellene gestured for the girl to come towards her. Proving herself at least somewhat aware of the need for self-preservation, the girl hesitantly approached, nervously, saying, “Hello Ms. Dupensk, you wished to see me?”

“Hello, Sascha, won’t you take a seat?”

“Umm...okay. Thank you?”

“Tell me about your new outfit, it’s not your normal style.”

Glancing quickly downwards, as if she had forgotten what she wore, Sascha said, “Oh, it’s not, but Mr. Dinwald offered me a bonus to wear it on my way to work. To advertise for the Cove.”

“Sascha, you know, just because Mr. Dinwald asks you to do something, doesn’t mean you have to do it.”

“Yeeeah, I guess. Is he going to ask me to do something that you don’t want me to do? I heard that the two of you were having a disagreement about something.”

Reminding herself that they had not hired Sascha for her brains, Ellene said, “We were disagreeing about the outfits, I do not think they are completely appropriate for you and the others to wear.”

“Oh? Oh! Why not?”

“Do you think they’re appropriate?”

“Don’t tell Mr. Dinwald I said this, but they’re kind of tacky. I like the Pearl’s version better. They’re nice”

“Very true, and these are also rather skimpy.”

Giggling, Sascha replied, “Not when you compare it to some of my work costumes.”

“Well yes, but casino security makes sure that nobody bothers you when you are wearing those.”

“Nobody bothered me today, Ms. Dupensk.”

“You can’t be too careful, Sascha. So many visitors come from off planet who we are unable to screen. We can’t keep out the scum. And worse, some of them are wealthy and powerful. These people sometimes don’t believe the rules apply to them.”

“But when will any visitor see me? I came directly to the station from my apartment, got on the tram, and will get off at the employee station at the casino.”

Ellene almost blurted out a hasty answer before processing what Sascha had said. However, as the girl’s itinerary bludgeoned its way into her thoughts, she suddenly realized the meaningless nature of the argument between her and Dinwald. They had both overlooked the most important factor, perhaps not surprisingly, since neither of them were treated as a valuable resource like Sascha and the girls. They did not live on an island that had restricted access like those on the employee tram route. As Sascha had said, nobody would see her, well at least not the dangerous perverts she had feared, nor even the regular perverts the casino catered to and that Dinwald hoped to attract. She laughed at the silliness of the entire affair.

“Ms. Dupensk?”

“It’s nothing, Sascha, I guess it’s okay for you to wear Mr. Dinwald’s outfits. Just don’t wear it when you go out.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t do that, people would laugh.”

Ellene quickly stifled an almost uncontrollable urge to giggle.


By Roni

As I look out my kitchen window I see my two daughters playing in the back yard and it brought back memories of the times my sister and I would play. I remember the first time we played together; my sister is five years older than me so growing up she was always more of a caretaker to me than a sister. Because I was so much younger than her she would use me as a living doll and dress me up in her old clothes. Now this might not sound so unusual to what most sisters do except that I was a boy! Mom would look on and smile allowing her to dress me up; I didn’t mind either I liked wearing her clothes. As we got older the dress up play time got less and less but my desire to wear her clothes didn’t diminish. When I was fourteen she caught me in her room trying on her clothes; I had thought she was away at school but I misjudged the days and she was home for the summer. The look of fear on my face was evident but all she did was smile and then offer to help me out. I loved my sister; she was so open and understanding and never judged me for what I liked to do.

A Sky Full of Terror

Another Men in Black Dresses adventure, in which America's most covert agency becomes entangled in the events of September 11, 2001. I have to admit that writing this was incredibly cathartic.


It looked just like a plastic compact, even down to the pressed powder and puff, but it was in reality a sophisticated communications link. Alice opened it and spoke into its mirror. "Sierra Charlie Oscar Three Niner Five Oblique. Go secure," she said.

"This is Galaxy," she said, using her code name, "I have a priority situation, code pink."

"Stand by one, Galaxy," said the voice. Alice's reflected image in the mirror disappeared as the plasma display assumed its normal function. It now showed the image of the agency's director, Mary Risberg.

Mary paused, as though she were trying to compose herself. Then she continued. "Alice, honey, this appears to be a coordinated terrorist attack on America. We have no idea who might be behind it. You and Amazon are to take whatever action is necessary to prevent that aircraft from carrying out its mission. And Galaxy, you, Amazon, and Schoolgirl are expendable. Do you understand?"

A Sylph Protected / A Shootist Avenged

Escaped from Prince Fallan on Darson, Sascha finds himself struggling to understand and survive in the universe into which he has been thrust. It will take all of his skills, both those of a Sylph and those of a Shootist, to overcome the challenges in his path.

A Time of Hope

When life strikes James down, is there any hope? Can he escape the downward spiral of existence?

A Toy's Story

Disclaimer: This is fiction. All the characters and events portrayed here are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely accidental and unintentional. I as the author reserves all rights. Once again I’m down to the wire posting my entry. I’ve given this a good look over but I’m afraid that it is still pretty raw without another pair of eyes to double-check for me.  Be that as it may, I hope that you can enjoy this, even with the errors.

Warning!!!! This story depicts someone having a hard time dealing with the lost of an loved one. If this would upset you please do not continue! I believe it ends on a positive note, but you were warned!

A Turnabout Party

A party. I go as a girl and my wife goes as a guy. A new me?

A special thanks to Hope for editing this story.

A Year In My Life (Part I - 1)

This is the story of a year in my life. Well, maybe a little more than a year. It takes in from the middle of my junior year in high school, until the end of my senior year. It’s the story of my meeting the love of my life, Katie. And, what kind of trouble my brother got me into at the spring dance. Katie’s the love of my life, and we’ve learned a lot of things together. But, she had some ideas about Halloween that I wasn’t sure about. Then, Gwen go to the mall? Ah, I don’t know.

A Year In My Life (Part I - 2)

This is the story of a year in my life. Well, maybe a little more than a year. It takes in from the middle of my junior year in high school, until the end of my senior year. It’s the story of my meeting the love of my life, Katie. And, what kind of trouble my brother got me into at the spring dance. Katie’s the love of my life, and we’ve learned a lot of things together. But, she had some ideas about Halloween that I wasn’t sure about. Then, Gwen go to the mall? Ah, I don’t know.

A Year In My Life (Part I - 3)

This is the story of a year in my life. Well, maybe a little more than a year. It takes in from the middle of my junior year in high school, until the end of my senior year. It’s the story of my meeting the love of my life, Katie. And, what kind of trouble my brother got me into at the spring dance. Katie’s the love of my life, and we’ve learned a lot of things together. But, she had some ideas about Halloween that I wasn’t sure about. Then, Gwen go to the mall? Ah, I don’t know.

A Year In My Life (Part I - 4)

This is the story of a year in my life. Well, maybe a little more than a year. It takes in from the middle of my junior year in high school, until the end of my senior year. It’s the story of my meeting the love of my life, Katie. And, what kind of trouble my brother got me into at the spring dance. Katie’s the love of my life, and we’ve learned a lot of things together. But, she had some ideas about Halloween that I wasn’t sure about. Then, Gwen go to the mall? Ah, I don’t know.

I ran over a little on my story, I felt that I need to take you through our high school graduation. So, this part of the story actually covers about sixteen months. After our visit to the mall, Kate and I, well Gwen, end up at a swim meet at State. And, that turned into a very interesting trip. Then just before graduation something happens that I think you’ve all been waiting for.

A Year In My Life (Part II -1)

If you read Part I of "A Year in My Life", you would know that I found the love of my life, Katie. Kate and I became engaged just before high school graduation.

The other outstanding thing that I learned about myself was that I have a more feminine side, named Gwen. Gwen is who I am when I'm dressed as a girl, or now a college coed.

Kate was a driving force in finding Gwen, and helping her blossom. If you haven't read Part I, you might like to. In fact, thinking back, I should have called this story "A Few Years in My Life."

This part of my story covers the first year of our college life. It certainly hasn’t been boring. I can't tell you too much without giving away the story, but things got very interesting for us in college. Among other things, we met Tiffany. She tried to come between Kate and me, and almost succeeded.

And, a special thanks to Jenny van Eik for editing this chapter.

A Year In My Life (Part II -2)

We find an old friend and make new ones. We find a new group of friends. Tiff comes back into our lives. Then another interesting weekend together takes us in a new direction.

A Year In My Life (Part II -3)

A trip downtown. An interesting meeting on a Saturday with a major
surprise. Another trip to Doug’s cabin. Another big surprise for us.
Maybe a voice for Gwen? A test? Back home for the summer.

A Year In My Life (Part II -4)

Our first summer together. We tell a few people about Gwen and one
isn’t happy. A surprise at the lake. Could one of us be bisexual?
Where does Kelly fit into all of this?

A special thanks to Hope for editing this part.

A Year in My Life - Part I

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A Year In My Life - Part II

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May the gods and goddesses of our people bless the readers, especially those I love.

My name was Abraxes, and I was a slave. Despite this, the gods blessed me beyond all measure, and I will die as a member of the nobility. For my children, and their children, I wish to record what happened, so they may know how that happened, and thank the gods and goddesses who brought such joy into my life. The account I must relate is strange, stranger than any other I have heard of, but I swear by all our gods and goddesses that it is the truth.

I must first recount how I became a slave. My father had become indebted to a moneylender named Adiano. Our whole family was threatened with slavery. Desperate, my father took me and my twin sister Aleda to a rival of Adiano’s, a nobleman named Argyro.

Accidental Encounters, True Friendships.

It all started late one night in a trailer park. As some friends and I were finishing up a late night gaming session, we decided to we needed a Taco Bell run. There’s nothing like a pile of tacos after working up your hunger raiding champ spawns in UO.

Accidental Girl

Accidental Girl

By Stanman63
Thanks To JennaFL For Proofing And Nora Adrienne for editing!

Synopsis:When a young boy finds that he likes being a girl, his mother and friends help him to realize his dream and find that being a girl is what she was meant to be.


Main cover page for Acidalia by Amanda D.

Acidalia I

Acidalia I By Amanda D.

Scientists searching for a biological "Foutain of Youth" get much more than they wanted.

Acidalia II

Acidalia II By Amanda D.

Laura and Sam waited in the isolation lab for the solders to arrive. Laura outside in the control room and Sam was stuck inside…still. The word had just come in that Col. Charles Jordan head of the United States Army Research Institute for Infectious Disease, USAMRID, biological contamination unit was on the way down. We didn’t have to wait long.

Acidalia III

Acidalia III by Amanda D.

At 5:30pm Ellie, formerly Elijah, Wolf sat in from of her television to watch the president’s address to the nation.

President Fuller "Good evening and thank you for letting me into your homes this evening. I am here tonight to try to dispel some of the rumors surrounding the so called Acidalia outbreak in the San Francisco area. Much of what has been reported thus far has been pure conjecture on the part of the various news outlets in the area.

The first rumor that I would like to discuss is the one concerning the virus it’s self. I personally have seen reports saying it does everything from kill to cause nose bleeds. The truth is that Acidalia only effects men and has caused some small mutations in their genetic structure, causing some to need hospitalization. But to our knowledge no one, I repeat no one has died from this virus. For those of you with family members that have been infected, I hope this brings you some small solace.

Acidalia IV

Acidalia IV By Amanda D.

Sunday June 4 10:30 Pm
Hasbro Children’s Hospital
Providence RI.

Dr. Roosevelt Grant rushed into the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). He looked over at the nurses’ station and found Dr. Greg Khin waiting for him. “I got your page, from my service and got here as fast as I could. What’s the big emergency?” Grant asked.

“Your patient in room three, the McCoy kid from South Boston…”

“The car accident kid?”

“Yes that’s one. His condition has…changed.” Khin said with a concerned look on his coffee colored face. “It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I thought you should go in and see for yourself.”

Acidalia part 7

Acidalia VI

                             By Amanda D.


 Friday June 23 12:00 PDT KLTR news:


Good morning
San Francisco
. Our top story at this hour is the stunning announcement by the United Nations (U N) calling for the complete quarantine of the
United States
. Meeting in an emergency session in Geneva the worlds nations unanimously agreed to the blockade of all US ports and offered Canada and
troop support for their borders. This comes in the wake of the growing number of refugees heading to the northern and southern borders in an attempt to escape the dreaded virus.

Acidalia part VI

Thursday, June 14 morning:

Sam Grayson stood at the back of the grave side crowd listening somberly to the minister drone on about life, death, heaven and Laura’s sure place in it. As the sun shown brightly and the birds sang to the clear blue sky above, it seemed to Sam, absurd that the world should keep on going about its business on a day like this. A cold shiver ran down her spine as the real meaning of the word mortality revealed it’s self to her in the beauty of this sad day.

Acidalia V

Acidalia V by Amanda D.

Friday June 9 early morning:

The flames surrounded her and the smoke filled her lungs as she and Rosey ran down the hallway. Everywhere they looked the children begged to be saved. They gathered them as they moved through the smoke, trying to get to the open window in the doctor’s lounge. There was a fire trucks ladder waiting for them there. All they needed to do was get the kids to it and they would all be safe.

Acting Dominant

Acting Dominant
By Tigger c2008, All Rights Reserved              

Permission is granted for Fictionmania, StorySite, Nifty, Big Closet,
Bev's Balcony, and any other FREE site to archive and web publish this
story, unchanged, so long as the site remains free and my authorship
and copyright are acknowledged in the posting.  I do not consider so-
called adult-check systems to be free, and thus, these sites do not
have permission to host this story.


My sincere thanks to Brandy Dewinter for the gifts of her creativity,
her insight, her eye for 'just the right word' (and just the wrong one

Ad Requiem

          I’d like to tell you about a close friend of mine whose name is Lee Anne Rimes. He’d tell you to go ahead and laugh, everyone else does.

After All

after all
by Andrea Lena Dimaggio


Alchemy and Essence

An old man on a flight up the California coast tells the young stranger sitting beside him about a famous movie villain that had lived next door to him when he was a boy. An actor who was known for playing mad scientists and vampires, but in real life had been a remarkably kind and gentle man. And while his fame hasn’t endured the way Boris Karloff’s has, at the time even movie critics who panned the films he was in admitted that this startlingly ugly man brought a rare sensitivity to the types of roles he specialized in, as if he knew these monsters’ private pain.

Then the teller’s story takes a strange left turn. Claims about the actor’s suicide that---as preposterous as they might sound---would be nice to believe. That rather than drowning himself on that rainy day in March of 1941, Max Grosz had found his way to a second chance at life, and a very different sort of acting career that would win the hearts of a nation...

Laika Pupkino ~ 2011


“Nature does not know extinction; all it knows is transformation. Everything science has taught me and continues to teach me, strengthens my belief in the continuity of our spiritual existence after death…”
~~Werner von Braun

Alex & Chris Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Alex is Annoyed with Chris & Angela.

By Sharp

All Alone in the Night

Dr, Franklin cleared his throat. “Miss Winters. I think there's a few things we need to discuss about Jamie.”

“Of course, Doctor. Now Jamie, you just rest. Psi Corps will take care of you.” Jamie laid her head back and returned to sleep. Talia and Stephen left the room.

“Now what did you want to tell me, Doctor?” Talia asked.

“I really don't think that MedLab is an appropriate venue to recruit new Psi Corps members.”

“I'm not recruiting her, Doctor, I'm just following EarthGov protocol. All telepaths fall under the jurisdiction of Psi Corps.”

“Yes, but she also has the right to refuse and take the sleepers.”

“Not in this case. Jamie is a minor and, by all indications, has no parents. As such, Psi Corps is empowered to act in loco parentis on her behalf. In any event, she'll be a lot better off on Earth in a Psi Corps facility then she would be in Downbelow.”

“Perhaps, but I think you should know something else before you make up Jamie's mind for her. Jamie is a boy.”

All in a Day's Work

All in a Day's Work

By Julie O

 Being a personal assistant for a celebrity often involves many strange requests, as Keith and Teri are about to discover.

Note: I've added a PDFversion of this story to make it a bit easier to read if you don't have something that understands Microsoft Word files. Both versions are the same. Bob Arnold

All It Would Take

willy milly

All It Would Take

By Ariel Montine

Will Wally find in his mother Milly's old bedroom the key to a life-changing experience?


All It Would Take -1- One Change

willy milly

All It Would Take

Part One ~ One Change

By Ariel Montine

Will Wally find in his mother Milly's old bedroom the key to a life-changing experience?


All It Would Take -2- True Friend

willy milly

All It Would Take

Part Two ~ True Friend

By Ariel Montine

Will Molly find a true friend after her previous friend, Gary, can't cope with Molly's change?

All It Would Take -4- Can't I be both?

willy milly

All It Would Take

Part Four ~ Can't I Be Both?

By Ariel Montine

Will Gary ever make peace with Molly for real?

All It Would Take -5- Law of Unpredictability

willy milly

All It Would Take

Part Five ~ Law of Unpredictability

By Ariel Montine

Will Molly find out anything useful from Dr Reinhart?

All It Would Take -6- Good Golly Miss Molly

willy milly

All It Would Take

Part Six ~ Good Golly, Miss Molly!

By Ariel Montine

Will Molly escape from the clutches of Dr Reinhart?

All It Would Take -7- What do we do?

willy milly

All It Would Take

Part Seven ~ What do we do?

By Ariel Montine

What surprised Molly as she opened up her bedroom door?

All It Would Take -8- Whole Expressions

willy milly

All It Would Take

Part Eight ~ Whole Expressions

By Ariel Montine

What kind of reception will Lucy get as she enters the Bensdorf home for the first time?

All of You

This drabble is a bit more mature than what I usually write, which
is why I set the audience rating to mature. It's more romantic than
sexual, but it does show adults being a bit ... ummm ... intimate.
Anyway, let me post this before the intro winds up being longer than
the drabble. ;)

All of You ... and Then Some

This a collection of glimpses into the lives of the young lovers from my drabble, All of You. I'm still experimenting with this new format. I've decided to follow Laika's suggestion and have (at least in my own mind) christened this writing style a drabble cycle, meaning a collection of related stories, each being exactly 100 words in length. I'd love to hear from anyone who has any thoughts on this experiment. Thank you :)


What if you were the last human on Earth?

Standing back from the window, so I wouldn't be seen, I stared outside using my binoculars. Studying how the aliens moved and their facial expressions, I practiced in the mirror. It had to be absolutely perfect so I would fit in.

Food was running low, and making midnight supply runs was proving more and more difficult. I was running out of options, and had no choice, but to make a brazen public appearance to get what I want. In theory, if I kept my mouth shut I should pass.

Turning to the mirror, I'd paid that price. While the rest of the world was being re-made, I'd mostly escaped, mostly. My body was completely hairless, and was androgynous as a 10 year old boy. At least I still had eyes, ears, a nose and mouth. Sighing, I didn't want to admit even that had been taken away from me. It was debatable that I was lucky or not in stumbling into that walk-in freezer.

Alone 2: The Walk

Alone 2: The Walk

Walking down those steps, of the little house that'd been my sanctuary, was one of the hardest things I'd ever done. It didn't help that I was naked as the day I was born either. The aliens didn’t wear clothes although Doc wondered if that would change when the weather got colder. Scouts had seen some wearing protective garments when it made sense to. They simply didn't seem to care to be clothed otherwise.

Part of my camouflage was the box in my arms. During my vigil, I'd seen them searching for portable home electronics, such as cell phones, music players and such. Finding enough to fill my box I was easy. The Berretta 92F hidden in the bottom was insurance because androgynous female drone or not, I wasn't nobody's fool.

Alone 3: The Awakening

Standard Disclaimer:All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

This is a continuation of my story Alone and won't make much sense without reading the other two chapters.


Alone 4: The Ride

Standard Disclaimer: None of these characters or situations are meant to be any specific person alive or dead. I the author reserves all rights.

This is another installment of Alone and won't make much sense without reading the preceding chapters. I've been told it's rather rambling and that is on purpose. This is a survivor's story and I hope the disjointed style will help convey the hopelessness of the situation. Yes, this was inspired by "I am Legend" and other similar stories.



Alone 5:The Room

Alone 5: The Room

    I walked in that smooth boneless gait of the aliens without even thinking about it any more. Just as automatic was my expressionless face as I pretended to busy. It appeared that the gold standard in slacking off still worked with humanity under different management or not. As long as you acted and looked as if you were busy, no one bothered you.

Altered Fates Hawaii Five 0- A Woman's Work is with a Gun

Altered Fates Hawaii Five 0- A Woman’s Work is with a Gun

By Danielle J

Based on a teleplay by Glen Olson and Rod Baker

This story is dedicated to the late Leonard Freeman, creator of one of my favorite television shows, Hawaii Five 0.

Author’s note- I’ve been toying with the idea of doing an AF Hawaii Five episode 0 for years. One season seven episode, A Woman’s Work is with a Gun, was best suited for making a few TG modifications to. The trouble was, I hadn’t seen the episode in years. That’s till I recently got a copy of it.

Altered Fates- Only the strong can forgive

 Altered Fates: Only the strong can forgive

By Danielle J

Synopsis- Two teenagers find the medallion and begin using it for innocent reasons. It is said that "To Forgive is Divine". But how strong does a person have to be to even consider such a thing when he or she has been terribly wronged? Just remember this: True forgiveness comes from the heart, not the mind.

This story is dedicated to the families of Sarah Stone and Mary Karen Read plus all the mothers and fathers who lost a child at Virginia Tech University on April 16, 2007.

Thank you to Mallory, Bill, Jay, Father Anthony, John, Maggie Finson, and Circe who assisted me with this story.

Cast of Characters

Jeff Lockwood and Loc Metzger- High School Seniors and sweethearts. Also members of Wilmington High School’s Class of 1993
David and Carol Lockwood- Jeff’s parents. David along with one of Jeff’s Uncles owns three auto repair shops.
Tabitha ‘Tabby’ Lockwood- Jeff’s eleven-year-old sister
Tom and Julie Metzger- Loc’s father and mother
Mary Metzger- Loc’s paternal grandmother
Kevin and Kathy Metzger- Twin ten-year-old half siblings of Loc Metzger
Drew Hamilton- Twenty-year-old Emory University student
Claude William Hamilton III- Drew’s father and CEO of Hamilton Enterprises
Elizabeth Hamilton- Wife to Claude, Mother of Drew.
Stephanie Brooks and Dawn Jacobs- Duke University students
Dan Compton

Note or warning- One character in this story has very strong and distasteful views on race relations. The N word is used over a dozen times in this tale.

This story is a work of fiction, but I drew on two real-life stories. There is a third story which ‘Only the strong can forgive’ is even more like, but I didn’t use in any way for what I write below. It is just ironic that a TV movie was shown on television while I was still completing this story.

I’ll comment further on all this at the end of the story.</em>

Altered Fates- Shocking

Altered Fates- Shocking

By Danielle J

Synopsis-  Ernest Jackson was doubled crossed and turned into a woman. Seven years later she has located the person who changed her. Does she want revenge or the a possiblility of regaining the Medallion of Zulo?   

Altered Fates- Shocking Part 1

Altered Fates- Shocking Part One

By Danielle J

Synopsis- Clyde Heppner is a private investigator working and living in Southern California. One day a woman pays him a visit at his trailer home and asks for his assistance in locating a person she once knew.

This story is dedicated to John in Wauwatosa. He has been very kind to help me with a few of my stories. I want to also thank Puddin for her help in preparing this story for publication.

Author’s note- The idea for this story came from an old episode of The Rockford Files.

Altered Fates- Shocking Part 2

“What does a man have to do to get some respect around here? Clean the toilets?” Murray asked in a sarcastic tone of voice.

“No, just give your wife a foot massage.” Misook joked back at her husband.

Rachel then added. “Naomi and I would like a pony too.”

Altered Fates- Shocking Part Two

By Danielle J

Synopsis- Clyde Heppner while not totally believing Misook Epstein’s story, agrees to take her on as a client.

I need to thank Puddin in a big way for her help with this story.

Altered Fates- The Hustler

"Mr. Berger?" The limo driver asked. Deb nodded. The limo driver then opened the rear passenger door and Deb stepped inside the limo.

"Hello cutie." Said a very attractive blonde with what sounded like an Scandinavian accent. There were two other women in the car, but no sign of Robert.

"Hi there." Deb replied taking a look at the 3 beauties in the limo. This might be a fun night after all.

Altered Fates- The Hustler
By Danielle J

Synopsis-Frank Berger was a golf hustler working in Palm Springs California looking to make some big bucks playing some Hollywood celebrity. His girlfriend Deb while out shopping buys some strange necklace at an antique shop. I wonder what will happen?

Author’s Note- The following story is based on a true story involving a golf hustler and a couple of movie stars. Of course I added the TG element. Nevertheless the TG element is secondary to the rest of this short amusing story. The main character is not the man who became a woman but the woman who became a man.
One last note- The setting for this story is in the early 1970’s.