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I am curious...have you finished this story? And how many chapters are there?

Zapped! chapters

Currently there are 21 chapters completed. All of the completed chapters should be availabler here by the end of this week (Friday, April 14th). Chapter 22 is being written slowly. I really don't know how many chapters there will eventually be.



Love it, still looking for the NEXT chapter.
And the NEXT ect.

Looking forward to more!

I finally had time to finish this story to date. An interesting twist in the plot, but I'm glad the religious con man has been been shutdown. Would like to have seen more about the original plot, but I read your reasons for dropping it, so I see no reason wish for what I can't have.

Hope you have time to get a couple more chapters down and posted real soon. All in all, it's a fun story, even though I'm tempted to whack Adam up the side of the head with a frying pan! Can't he see that he's expecting Jen to do what he's refusing to do himself? Damn male pride!

Karen J.